Monday, November 21, 2016


I wake up
Wet in the place that you venture routinely
and you tell me "No, not yet"
so I roll over and silently tease the spot
that is missing your touch.

We've been holding off.
Building up to tomorrow,
a day we've discussed at length, planned and prepared for, dared to desire

Your birthday is the front seat
yet is taking the back
so your gift can wrap it's black leather body around the whole of my throat.
You've asked me to serve you
and I've chosen to submit;
a breathtaking opportunity for my mind to be clear and your intention secure.

My nipples harden and I roll back to you
tracing your lips with the moisture picked up on the tips of my fingers
from the secret dance on the opposite side of the bed.
You inhale and my scent fills your nostrils, a hard cock the dead give-away
that you too are filled with anticipation.


  1. Anticipation - love that feeling. Great post.

    1. Thank you Leigh. It's just like Christmas Eve over here. ;) Amy

  2. sorry to be late foe LOL days. Thanks for blogging.


  3. Amy what a wonderful build up to Erics birthday.
    Great post.
    Hugs Lindy x


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