Monday, October 17, 2016

Shadow Lane Spanking Party

Hello Blogland!

I'm back.  It's been three weeks since Eric surprised me and returned home. Let me tell you, if I was the kiss and tell type, this post would be three weeks long and many sheets deep.  The man is home and we had a lot of lost time to make up for.

That said, it hasn't all been wine and roses.  It's crazy to me that we could both go so long missing and craving and dying to be together, and trust me, we have been together, but with all of the love and "loving" in the world, it was really awkward getting used to having him home, an old new routine, and then the panic of him leaving for work again.  We made it through, rocky and unstable as it seemed one minute and completely solid the next. Overall, it's been amazing. The trouble spots spun from the mundane and drab affects of daily life while the eternal highs were all about he and I rediscovering each other and thriving together.

It's mid-terms (can you believe it?!) so I've got no time but we have a question: Shadow Lane. Ever hear of it? Spanking parties - a huge one every Labor Day Weekend in Vegas.  We think we want to go. We fantasize about what it would be like. We wonder, have you ever been?

I often think about how you all are doing.  I want to reply to your comments but something has changed on this sight and every time I write something as a "reply" or even a new "comment", it disappears and never shows up.  I wonder if this entry will post.

Anyway, Shadow Lane, what do you know?

Can't wait to catch up on my reading! It feels like a decade since I've checked in.



  1. No clue about Shadow Lane, but then again I am Canadian, and well it isn't 'our thing' anyway. :) . Just thought I'd let you know your post did go up. Nothing worse than writing and having no one to comment for it!

    Hope you are adjusting better now

    1. Hi Willie, This morning I was officially "adjusted" and yes, on the road to better. I loved your most recent post - lot's for me to say when time allows. You make me want more but Eric does too so it's a good thing. Amy

    2. Aha! Figured out my reply issue. Have a new "don't track me" software on my computer. Have to turn it off to reply.

  2. Hi Amy, go over to visit Erica Scott's blog, she definitely knows about Shadow Lane
    love Jan, xx

    1. Jan - Thank you so much for this tip. We are so intrigued by her stories. What a wild weekend! Amy


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