Saturday, September 3, 2016

Waiting for you

Another busy day,
followed by a long weekend packed with "I have to"
I crawl into our bed, alone
to face another night
without you
between the sheets
breathing softly
next to me
as I rest
in your arms.

You are in another time zone
and it's nearly impossible
to get a moment together.

I close my eyes.

At some point in the night
my phone plays a sweet simple tune.

Your text pierces through the darkness,
"Amy don't reply. I just wanted to say how HOT you are"

I nuzzle deeper into my pillow,
my body smiles at the thought of you
imagining yourself coming in behind me.

"Eric loves Amy"

Your second text lands like a warm blanket
gently placed overtop of my tired bones
It's wraps around my shoulders, breasts, belly and bottom
My feet stay free
too hot to be covered

"I can't wait to see..." (this text is too graphic to share)

You have set the fantasy in motion
erased the lists of "to do" in my head
and released my mind
from all thoughts other than those
of you and me
in the world we have created for ourselves
as lovers
as a couple
as husband and wife.
I drift off and dream of you coming home
for good
for a lifetime of erotic exotic adventure.

I miss the last text,
your first three having tucked me in
and sent me off to a safe and comfortable place
of love and security.

I wake to begin another busy day without you
but your words glow on the screen,

"I love you"

and I know I can get through one more day,
take one more step
wait one more moment
because you are out there
working your way
home to me.

The simplest gesture,
as tiny as a text brightening our room
in the middle of the night
brings peace to my heart
while I wait for you.

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