Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Worst Cook Ever - can ya help a girl out?

I admit it, I've never been much of a cook.

I find it boring.

It does nothing for me.

Eric, on the other hand, is a master chef.

He can work wonders in the kitchen or on the bbq.

Most nights, when we eat at home, he does the cooking while I
hang out on the counter top chatting, flirting and toying with him.

The kitchen is a great place for foreplay - not to mention all of the wonderful
spanking tools that are readily on hand.

Anyway, it's not fair that Eric has to do all of the cooking so I decided as one of
my things to do while he's gone, I would learn to make some things to help out
when he returns.

Tonight I chose Chicken Ravioli with a red sauce.  All I had to do
was boil water, put the pasta in for seven minutes, strain, cover with sauce and eat.

Eric called while I was cooking.  We talked for twenty minutes. I thought nothing of the
pasta and when I looked in the pot, most of the ravioli had split open and the stuffing
was floating on top.

No biggie.  I strained it and continued talking.

Another twenty minutes (a heavenly conversation, I might add) and the ravioli had gone cold.
I dumped the  pieces that managed to stay together on a plate, threw some pasta
sauce from a jar over top and microwaved it for 2.5 minutes.

Eric and I continued to talk for ten minutes after that so I zapped my dinner 45 additional seconds before sitting down to eat.

Chewy, like leather, on the outside and mushy and gross on the inside.  Sigh.  I ate it anyway.  Yuck.

Ladies, I have read your blogs and know you are far more talented than I.  Do any of you have
some REALLY REALLY easy to make recipes that I could surprise Eric with... without killing either of us?  Send me your favorite; simple healthy best.  PLEASE. :)



  1. This I saw on FB made it several times. (Crock Pot)
    1 19oz bag of frozen tortellini (I buy Buitoni herb ckn) then I freeze it
    1 small bag of fresh spinach
    2 14.5oz cans of ITALIAN Style diced tomatoes (drain) I only drain one can
    1 8oz block of cream cheese cubed
    1 lb of ground Italian sausage
    Cook Italian sausage drain then place in crock pot add all ingredients but spinach and stir. Place spinach in about 30 min to an hour b4 you will be eating.
    This says you can cook it all day on low, I can only cook about 4 hours in my crock pot or it is Mushy and I dont like mushy pasta. LOL

    Chicken & WIne (Crock Pot)
    1-2lbs of boneless ckn breast cut in large chunk size pieces
    2 cans cream of mushroom soup
    1 soup can filled with cheap Chardonnay wine
    You can add veggies also Cook on low maybe 6 hrs then add
    8oz of sour cream 30 min before serving
    I serve this over rice my kids & their friends loved this and still ask for it when they come home. SO simple I love simple

  2. Hello Ashley Lee!
    Thank you so much. Tomorrow night, this girl is attempting the Chicken and Wine Crock Pot meal. I'm nervous but excited. Simple. You got me there. Top on my list and so far, nothing is simpler than Taco Bell. Ha ha.


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