Monday, August 1, 2016

Flipped upside down

It's official.

I'm having a long distance relationship with my husband.

He'll be gone, looking like, three months.

Ugh. We just discovered the wheel barrow position on Consensual Spanking! We just bought sexy black bondage rope and a door swing!! We just had the most incredible hardcore therapeutic spanking and butt fuck ever!!!

What do I do?

For him, I'll make sure my schedule matches the times he can talk on the phone so we can have daily conversations.  I'll write him love letters, fantasize about him coming home and text him naughty pictures. (Sniffle)

For me, I'll sleep curled up tight in his t-shirt like he's hugging me all night long.  I'll use self discipline if I start going off the deep end, will wear my new bracelet every single day and do my best to stay focused on school, exercise and work so he comes home to a productive wife instead of a depressed phatty. (Sniffle, sniffle)

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For Blogland, I'll have nothing to share! :(

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What to do, what to do. (Flat out tears.)

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Sad Amy


  1. "For Blogland, I'll have nothing to share! :("

    Actually that is where you are flat out wrong. This time more than any you are going to need to share. This is exactly the time you need blogland most. Sure you won't have kinky stories to share, but you will have a plethora of emotions and thoughts that will need to go somewhere. Here is the place where you can share those and not only be heard but understood by those who know there is another level to missing your husband besides physical distance.

    Trust me, disappearing during this time will not be the best thing for you. In addition, do not worry that you are writing about the 'same' old thing, because it may seem that way to you, but if you feel the need to write about it, then it is something that is still very much worthy of writing about.

    I don't envy you in the least Amy. It isn't going to be easy. Sounds like you have many things in place to help you while he is away, but don't be ashamed to write and say you are faltering in your plans, or they aren't working on your heart the way your mind thought they were. There is no judgment here.


    1. Yesterday I was a weepy mess all day. Didn't matter who I was with, what I was doing. I was crying my way through.

      Today, I'm fine. Had a productive day at work, a nice dinner and then an unexpected twenty minute call from Eric made everything that much better.

      I think I'm going to be on this stupid emotional roller coaster until October 27 when Eric finally gets home. Thank you for reaching out. I hate feeling like all I have to say on the blog is boo hoo when I know many have it far worse than I do.


  2. Willie is right. This is a huge time for blogging. Maybe sometimes that means journaling and not hitting "publish" while other times it means after you hit publish....we swoop in and remind you that you aren't alone!

    Who and Eric could enjoy a shared blog while he is away. He has been known to moonlight here before, leaving you messages =). It could add a fun twist to the time apart!

    XOXO Pearl

    1. Very sweet of you Pearl. I love the idea of Eric blogging along with me. We have to figure something out. October 27 is the day he returns. Gosh that seems like a long time from now... Amy

  3. Look around you Amy, there are bloggers who say the exact same thing. I know I have. Janey has recently too. There are more to mention but my point is this should be a community where you can find advice, share your happiness, feel you are not abnormal, but perhaps most of all gain support. It is a community of like minded and hopefully like HEARTED women/men who will pick you up when you have fallen, and if need be carry you for a while. There is NO shame, NONE in saying, " I am hurting". " I feel alone" " This sucks!" " I feel lost".

    As for October 27th being a long time away, you are absolutely right. I have a good friend who is a flight attendant. Now he will not be away as long as you will be separated from Eric, but I will tell you what I told him, break it down into smaller increments. Don't look too far ahead. If you are having a particularly difficult day, fixate on making it until your lunch break, then home.

    I often use a football analogy for Barney. I tell him to stop looking all the way down the field. You know that is where you want to end up, but it can be too overwhelming. Try 10 yards at a time. The game is set up so you have 4 attempts ( at least in the States, Canadian football is different! lol) to make it 10 yards, chip away at those 10 yards, then rejoice when you get that first down! Mini victories, smaller steps, bit by bit, the clock will tick away at your distance. Until that time however, don't hide, WRITE,SHARE...we'll be here.


    1. Haven't had time to respond but will say, am living the football analogy you gave me. Everyday I line myself up on that field and try to maneuver my way to one more first down. I keep telling myself, small thought out moves because an interception would kill me right now. Amy

  4. Goodness Amy that's such a long time without Eric at home. I'd go crazy, so hopefully you hang in there. Stay in touch with us in blog land as we might be able to help you through hard times. Good luck!
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Thanks Lindy. Eric's actually in Australia for part of his trip. Unfortunately he has absolutely no time for anything or I'd be having him stop by to say hello! Amy


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