Friday, July 22, 2016

The Weight of the World

I see,
the weight of the world on your shoulders.
I hear,
the stress of the day in your voice.
I taste,
the unspoken words on your tongue.
I smell,
your lingering scent long after you've gone.
I touch,
your heart whether we are together or not.

Eric, my darling, you are the strongest man I've ever met.
Ethically, idealistically and intellectually there is no stopping you.

You are also human.

My love for you is not based on perfect days or unencumbered visions of who you are.
We have a partnership.
We share far more than fantasies and good times.
Life's experiences are not always wonderful,
but much of the closeness we encounter
grows through the challenges we endure and the bumps in the road.

Remember that I love you; the good you, the bad you and the ugly you (even the phunny you).

Take the time you need,
share what you want
but feel no pressure
if you must work through it on your own.

The love I have for you stays the same.
Obsessive. (jk)
Constant. Yes.
Unconditional. Yes.

ILY my love.



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