Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Visitor

She is having an Eat, Pray, Love moment.  You know, the kind where nothing in her life makes sense anymore so she pushes it all away and after thirty solid years of truths, has lost all faith in everything.

She left her home and hid in mine; tear streaked nights of red wine stained lips filled with heartbreaking stories of paths not taken, chances lost and deep divides.

We took a spa day. Loofah feet and pretty pink nails. Waxed lady parts, buried under mounds of tangled hair, now smooth and clean, fresh and inviting. Sparkly lip gloss and glitter infused body spray. The sun eclipsed as we lay, oily and warm, on a massage table sheet with strangers hands working the trials and tribulations of the universe from our stress baked muscles.

She left at midnight, determined to fight her way back to the life she had been an active participant in creating.

Eric is on a golf course today. I find myself completely exhausted, worn to a frazzle, and in and out of sleep.  Friday was big and I need to heal from it as though it were a wound that has been stitched back together and now must mend.

My dreams are intense, vivid and alive. The past, this blog, my friend; everything rolls into one. I won't see him until Tuesday. There are lists of things to complete but I sleep. I sleep and I dream......


  1. Believe it or not, I understand a great deal of this ( probably more from you comment to me. ;) ). But I do understand the place you are in. In our situation, it was followed but a flatline experience. No emotions either way, like walking in a dreamlike state, life happening around me in the distance. To say it was odd would be an understatement. I will say however it wasn't scary or something I would run from, though not something I would actively seek out I don't think. Haven't really given that much thought. It just was.

    Good luck focusing on YOU and your emotions, and thoughts, and hopefully not Eric being away. This might be a difficult time, but also time you need to be alone.


  2. There are so many times you want to reach out as a woman and just fix things...and sometimes the only way to fix things is to given them time to mend. I sometimes can so identify with Veruca Salt...sigh.

  3. Be good to are worth it. You are strong, you are loved....hugs abby


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