Sunday, July 10, 2016

The PK Challenge - oh boy, did I pay for this one!

We looked at PK's implement post. Lots of fun things from other bloggers. We checked out the Rose family arsenal. The spaghetti thing still looks scary to me! We got in the mood for some spanking fun.

We retrieved a red table cloth, his belt came off the wall and we opened the chest. Out came the blind wand, Sir Strap, the slotted spoon.  The bull whip returned, paddles and the crop. They all lined up bringing back wonderful memories.  The chest emptied and we stood back, surveying our belongings.

"Where's my favorite strap?" Eric asked, a tad alarmed.

I raced back to the chest. Nothing but a few cuffs and some toys.

"Where did we use it last?!" I exclaimed.

Eric gave me that look.

"AMY!" he said sternly. "How many times do I need to tell you to put things away where they belong?"

There are few things that Eric finds frustrating about me but this would be top on the list. I am very organized and have a place for everything - it's just difficult for me to get things returned to said "place".

Eventually, we found it. Buried under a sweater that had been left on a shelf in the closet months ago; also not in it's correct location.

Eric had me take the photo and then I was escorted to the restroom and told to get on all fours, naked. Naturally, what I wanted was the spanking, but no. Eric was truly not happy. He had me spread my cheeks and inserted a Fleet Enigma; lecturing the whole time.

"When you get in trouble, you don't get to pick your punishment. Obviously I've been slacking on the discipline side and as I look around, you've got stuff randomly strewn all over this room."

My bottom full, Eric ordered me to finish what I started.
1. Write the post
2. Organize the chest and put all of our implements EXCEPT his favorite away
3. Clean the rest of the closet up
4. Bring his favorite strap to him

Well ladies, today is not exactly turning out the way I expected.

Say good-bye to clutter and hello to a red ass. I'm sure I'll have more to blog tomorrow.



  1. wow...A place for everything and everything in its place...should be your new motto! Looking forward to tomorrow's entry.
    hugs abby

  2. You got it. The entry, I mean. I'm the one who actually "got it". LOL Amy

  3. Oh dear Amy an enima as well as having to wait for a spanking. I'm so glad we don't use them. You've got a lot of implements as well. My Bear goes by 'A place for everything and everything in its place.'
    Hugs Lindy


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