Sunday, July 10, 2016

The follow through; spanked with his favorite strap


I stood at the tile line where stairs end and kitchen begins, feeling as though I was six years old, with his favorite strap in my hand. He was reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee.


He looked up and I could tell, he was smiling on the inside even though he kept his face serious and unchanged.

"I finished the list. The picture was posted. The chest has been arranged and all of the toys cleaned.
I put everything back in it's place and I'm here, with this."

I held the strap out, in his direction. He raised his eyebrows and slowly folded the paper, never taking his gaze off my arms that were feeling heavier by the minute.  You'd think that darn strap was made of lead but I didn't dare let it drop to my side.

Eric rose from his seat and walked over to me. He took the strap and gently holding my hand, took me to the couch where he sat and began to remove my shorts.

"Amy, one of the things you asked me to hold you accountable for was keeping things organized so you weren't constantly misplacing and losing them."

I nodded, stepping out of my clothes and swallowing the lump of truth caught in my throat.

"I made a promise to you, to keep you accountable and to discipline you when necessary. Do you remember that promise?"

This was not a fantasy role play, not a reset, and not erotic. This was Eric, calling me on the carpet for exactly what I had asked him to make sure I did. It felt horrible and wonderful all at the same time. Horrible because I truly had been slipping; thinking I'd get to this or that later and then never going back. It was wonderful because he was coming through like a champ; taking my request seriously and in turn, holding to his word.

"I'm going to have to spank you, Sweetheart," he said and the words filled my heart with peace and my stomach with knots. "You know I don't want to do this," he continued. "I planned to have a playful round with our implements this morning but when we couldn't find my favorite strap, that all went out the window."

I actually thought I was going to cry. It felt so real, the disappointment in his voice and the letting go of what would have been a silly day for something else.

I couldn't speak but just nodded and he guided my body across his lap.  The strap hurt more than I recall from prior spankings as Eric was steady and unrelenting with every strike.  I lost count at ten, maybe because my cheeks were on fire or maybe because he took a moment to remind me that I was the one who had asked to be held to task.

Eric continued to spank me until I was kicking my legs, apologizing and promising to do a better job. Then he put me in the corner to think about how easy it would have been just to put everything away the minute I was done with it, rather than hold off until "whenever".

After a bit in the corner, Eric handed me his favorite strap and asked if I knew what to do with it. Any other day, a smart remark would have surely escaped my lips but instead, I answered with a very simple and soft spoken "Yes Sir," and then headed upstairs to put it back in the chest.

Eric's coming to bed shortly and I hope we'll spend most of the night kissing and caressing each other. We've had ttwd experiences before but this was different. As a result, there is a very solid secure sweetness between us right now. Yes, I screwed up. It was minor and on a life scale, unimportant. Even so, he came through. Strong and firm, he was there for me and suddenly I feel an entirely new closeness.

There is deeper trust.




  1. Oh Amy, I am sorry how that turned out for you. We always spank with implements in the same place, we may be boring but everything goes back in the toy chest straight after. I hope you are having more fun today and less trouble
    love Jan, xx

    1. This is a bizarre summer. Lot's of things going on - mostly good but very emotional. I need to get my head back on track. I think this little lesson will help a lot. Amy

  2. Amy sounds like Eric made his point clear about putting everything away. Hope you had so sweet fun afterwards.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. I won't kiss and tell; not very ladylike you know. We did have a very lovely evening though - of CRAZY PASSIONATE KISSING. Oh my goodness can that man kiss! Oops. Blush. Sorry. Slipped out. Amy

  3. Getting the implements out wasn't supposed to bring you trouble but finding that deeper closeness was worth it, I'm sure. I hope you got some fun as well as the spanking.
    Rosie xx

    1. Feeling so close to him right now. He's truly wonderful. A brat, but a wonderful one. LOL Amy

  4. Sounds to me like the end result...that closeness....made it all worthwhile. hugs abby

    1. You know the "thing" part of "this thing we do"? Ya. That. It brings the closeness. It really does. Amy

  5. This. Yes. This. I absolutely adore the closeness that follows such interactions.

    1. Right?! Hi Lilli. Thanks for saying hello. ;) Amy


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