Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Out on a limb - the naughty dream I don't know what to do with

We traveled for his job and there was a banquet dinner.
I burst with pride standing next to him.
Tall, handsome, blue eyed man
with a heart of gold and an
easy smooth gentlemanly
way about him.

The other wives are everything I am not.

Beautiful confident svelte women
with perfect hair, clothes, jewelry and teeth.
Their conversations are witty and light,
with an edge of grace and strength
mixed into their worldly experiences.

I am, as they say, out of my league.
Feeling small and insecure, shy like I was absent the day everyone learned to be grown up.

We went to the spa in the hotel before the event and a gorgeous 30 something Brazilian girl at the make-up counter did my face. Her eyes flashed green with a sparkle of gold flecks as she worked just inches from my nose. Her auburn hair was silky and framed her face perfectly, highlighting thick lips outlined with a shade of burgundy.

She tucked my hair behind my ear, the way Eric does when he's lost in our gaze.

He saw it and I felt it. Her hand went under my chin, lifting my face as she puffed and painted away wrinkles and lines of wear and tear. Her words were to him, but all about me.

"She is beautiful, no? Look at these lips. Just something to glisten.  Gorgeous eyes, we highlight their color. Rosie cheeks. We don't change a thing!"

Eric watched intently as she took what was naturally tarnished and mine, and made it shine.

When she finished, to both our surprise, she grasped my face in her hands and planted a huge kiss on my lips.

"You are ready," she exclaimed.

Eric paid and we left, laughing as he questioned what service he was actually buying.

The dinner was lovely, the other wives not nearly as intimidating as I had imagined.

We curled up in bed and the last thing Eric said before I drifted off in his arms was, "It was a huge turn on when that girl kissed you, honey."

I've never been attracted to women nor have I ever wanted to go down that road even as an experiment.

The dream:

We were back at the hotel after the banquet and I was being lead down the hall by the back of the arm for snagging the keys from the ignition and tossing them out the window. I thought it was hysterical however, Eric was not amused.  He took me in our room and lectured me as I bent across the desk, holding on while my dress was hiked above my waist and my panties were pulled to my knees.

"They could have gone in a drain," he said, slowly removing his belt so I could distinctly hear the leather slide from loop to loop.

Fifteen times, he laid that thin stingy belt across my bottom and then, flipping it around, struck me three times with the buckle side.  My ass was on fire and tears flowed down my cheeks.

In the first moment of silence, there was a small knock at the door.  Quickly Eric put me in the corner out of view and then went to see who had come by.

It was her, the girl from the spa. In her hand, she held a small gift bag, a promo item she had forgotten to give us earlier that evening. Eric thanked her and then they walked into the room where I was standing.

My body went flush as I cringed, hearing her words, "I didn't take you for a bad girl. Let me see what he did to you."

The woman came to the corner and when I turned to look in her direction, her hands were back on my face. They manipulated my head, at attention once more so the wall and a small mirror was all I could see. Immediately, I latched onto Eric's reflection.  He nodded his approval to me as I stood, shaking, while the woman slowly undid the zipper on my dress and pulled it from my shoulders to the floor. Her finger nails danced their way down my back and I shivered while she traced the marks left by the belt and it's buckle. She kissed the welts and my eyes bore into the mirror at Eric, who stood protective and reassuring.

The dream skipped around a bit then.  I was on the bed, strapped to it, with Eric holding me by the hair and kissing my mouth passionately. My legs were spread and as he worked his tongue between my lips and teeth, she did the same down below. Eric became rock hard and crouched over me, fucking my mouth with his cock while she mimicked his movements on my clit. I was glowing, every ounce of my body burning up and preparing to orgasm in raw wild waves. I was almost there when she stopped, stood to the side and said, "It is time, Eric. She is ready."

My body was prepped and ripe, juicy and wet, full and warm.  Eric and I ground our hips back and forth, up and down; our hands pressed together, our chests pressed together, our bodies as one.

He came. I came. We were incredible.

I woke up panting.

I don't know what to do with this dream.



  1. Hello Amy, send it to PK and she will publish it on Friday!!
    love Jan, xx

  2. Now there's an idea I hadn't considered! Amy

  3. Interesting dream....I agree with Rose...
    hugs abby


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