Thursday, July 7, 2016

No panties - tricked into an otk spanking!

Eric is a huge fan of nothing.

And by nothing, I mean what I wear on my body.

Before we could be married, he explained his one non-negotiable was "no clothes to bed, ever".

I used to wear pj's to bed. Now I don't.

During the day, I wear panties no matter what I have on.

I always have.

He's teased, challenged. coaxed, begged, and flat out told me to take them off once in awhile when I wear a dress.  He never wears boxers with jeans. Jeans mean, it's going to be a good day. :)

Today we met for lunch and as we walked into the restaurant, he smacked my behind and his eyes got huge.

"Are you wearing panties?!" he asked.

I flashed him under the table. We had to wait until his boner went down to leave. (Boo ya!)

Tonight, I behaved even though I could have dived into a vat of ice cream instead.
My closest friend got second interview and might be moving. Happy for her but sad for me.
Rather than stress, I congratulated her and went on a hike with my other friend (Lost love but finally making smart choices - so relieved.)

Anyway, I came home sweating and tired from the exercise and long emotionally draining day.

"Amy, come over here right NOW," Eric said as I stepped from the shower. He was seated on the spanking chair and that darn folded leather strap was in his hand.

I crawled across his lap. He tapped at my cheeks while he lectured me about spending a day at work without any panties on.  The nerve of that man!! Then he lit my ass on fire while I kicked and squirmed and hollered about the travesty of being convinced to go out in public wearing nothing underneath, only to be punished for it later.

Smug and content, he spanked me a few more times and then made love to me right there on the floor. Apparently the four feet to our bed was just too far.

Now I'm under the covers, naked of course, with a sore bottom and happy heart.  That little trickster - he sure knows how to play me like a fiddle... and I LOVE IT.



  1. Aw nice post, nice time with Eric
    love Jan, xx

  2. I love it when he's silly like that. Have a great weekend. Amy

  3. I love reading about you two.....I have been telling Master about Eric and how He reminds me of Master. I have been known to use the 'no panty' day when I am trying to start....something.
    hugs abby

    1. I didn't realize what a turn-on it would be for both of us. When he discovered, in a public place, that there was nothing under my dress, he was beside himself and I just got more and more squishy. LOL. I wish we could all meet. You two sound so fun. Amy

  4. Fun times for you and Eric. Lovely!
    Hugs Lindy

    1. You said it! When we are being playful, life is down right grand. Amy

  5. Fonzi is recently asking me to wear no panties under skirts. Tho when I asked about it as a joke before, he promised to severely turn my bottom red. Interesting he's not the only one with this idea. I still would be in trouble if I did it without being told to do so. Apparently it's only ok if it's his idea. Glad you both enjoyed the experience.

    1. Hi Erika!! I was "red ass Amy" that night but will say, the look on his face when he realized I was sans panties was priceless and completely worth it. :) Amy


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