Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lesson Learned - spanked with the belt

Eric and I chatted from separate cars while we each drove home.

"Are you heading to the gym?" he asked, dutifully holding me accountable on this new exercise/weight loss plan I mapped out last week.

I groaned in reply.

"I'm tired," I whined.  "It was a long horrible day at work and I just want to lie on the couch, watch trash tv and overdose on Almond Joys."

"That sounds like a great night," Eric responded and I was relieved knowing his great day was not only going to offset my crappy one, but would get me out of the gym as well.

I pulled into the driveway when he hit me with the follow up question.

"Are your friends planning on meeting you there?"

"Yep," I said without a second thought, plopping on the couch and pressing the remote button.

"Young lady!" I leaped in the air, shocked at the harsh tone of his voice.  "Get your butt upstairs right now and put on your workout clothes.  You are going to the gym."

"I don't want to go," I said into the receiver.  "I'm tired and they can workout just fine without me."

Eric scoffed.  "Amy Lynn!  The correct answer is yes sir.  I'm not going to tell you again.  Go get dressed NOW."

Does it ever pay to argue with your husband?  What about your HOH?  Yet, I did it anyway.  Six minutes that I could have spent getting ready, I spent complaining and calling him mean.  Then the front door opened and suddenly I was all flustered and at a loss for words, stammering at the unhappy man removing his shoes in our entry.

"Go get my belt," he said, serious as all get out. (What a funny phrase.  "All get out"? Huh?)
"Now you'll be going to the gym with a red ass."

I was furious.  I stomped up the stairs like I was five, pulled Eric's belt off the wall in the closet and stomped right back out and into his waiting grasp.  Pants down, kneeling on our hope chest, I held onto the foot board and prayed he was not as mad as he sounded.

The belt raised high up and just before it flew through the air, I asked, "Are you mad at me?"

Eric immediately put the belt down and pulled me out of position.  Holding tightly to my shoulders, his eyes drilled into mine.

"I will never punish you when I'm angry," he said in a soothing and reassuring tone.  "This is about you making a commitment to your friends and then following through and keeping it.  I don't care whether you go to the gym, lose the weight, whatever.  I love you for being you but no wife of mine is going to slack on her commitments."

With that, I was bent over the side of the bed and Eric whacked my behind fifteen times with the end of his thick black leather belt.  Each strike was accentuated with an intense lecture about sticking to my word and follow through. When he finally finished, Eric watched as I squeezed into a pair of gym shorts, rubbing my cheeks along the way, and headed out to the car.

Two hours later, I returned home to find my love, gone.  In our room, there was a note.

"Sweet Pea, I got called back to work.  I should be home tomorrow night. Sorry.  I love you.  I'm proud of you for going to the gym. Eric"

Attached to the note was a bite size almond joy.

Yay!  Anybody need me to break a commitment anytime soon?  Shoot, got this girl a spanking and a candy bar. Can't go wrong there. YUM!



  1. A spanking and a lolly wow bliss. Glad Eric is holding you to your gym commitment. Keep up the good work.
    Hugs Lindy

  2. Love that hubby of yours.....He knows just what you it stern or sweet.
    hugs abby


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