Thursday, June 2, 2016

104 Spanking Degrees

Eric is, quite simply, horny as all get out.

Our three day sex event was weeks ago but with school and work and time apart; he's been raring to go again for quite awhile.

Today, we planned a wildly passionate evening at home.

It is 104 degrees outside.

Eric told me to turn the a/c on at lunch.

I did.

At 6pm we met outside my office and had a quick bite to eat before heading home. The waitress could not stop staring and I'm sure she was eavesdropping as he promised me a night of pleasure.

"Finish everything on your plate, young lady, and when we get home I'm going to reward you by bringing out the harness and cuffs. You are going to look so hot tied to the, hey, you did turn the a/c on, didn't you?"

"Yes," I replied, annoyed our foreplay got interrupted with an a/c question as I unzipped his pants and began stroking his crotch under the table.

"Good. I'm going to cuff you to the end of the bed, right under that cold air and let it hit your nipples so they poke straight up and then I'll run a feather down your belly and in between your thighs, tracing every curve of your body before my tongue stretches between your legs to make sure you are wet and ready."

My hand was now clenching a cock hard enough to cut diamonds and we were ready to go.

Check paid.

In the cars.

Racing home.

The rest of it...

Giggly and playful, Eric slaps my butt and tells me to hurry as I struggle to get the key in the lock. We pull open the door and are greeted with a puff of thick, hot, stuffy air.

"Amy!" Eric's tone is not nice.  "You told me you turned the air on."

"I did!" I yelled, annoyed for the second time, that he doubted me.

"Obviously you didn't," he came back. "It's blazing in here.  I can hardly breathe!"

I was furious.

"How dare you doubt me," I snapped and grabbing his arm (this had to be the first time I ever did that!) pulled him over to the thermostat, which was turned ON.

"See," I was more than a little loud. "I did exactly what I said I did. It's on. Do you see it?  Do you see what it says?  It says O-N. Not O-F-F. O-N. That spells ON, so there!"

Perhaps, in a more traditional DD household, this kind of temper tantrum, talking-back, explosive behavior would not be tolerated but here, at 51%/49%, there wasn't any response other than an inquisitive look at the thermostat - which was, by all accounts, turned ON.

I stood, arms crossed, point proved, while Eric messed around with the buttons.  He went to the fuse box, flicked switches off and on, and read bits and pieces of the manual while I stomped around after him exclaiming how wrong it was that I was not trusted regarding the simple act of turning on the a/c and how unfair it was that he would question me like that and, and, and.

Eric ignored me while continuing to diagnose the problem.

"We have no electricity," he finally stated, reaching for the phone to call in our address.  I sat on the stairs, waiting to berate him some more, when I overheard a piece of the conversation that went something like this:

"I'm sorry.  Can you repeat that? You say the bill hasn't been paid in three months?! I'm sure there must be a mistake as my WIFE (he looked in, okay, he glared in my direction) switched the account to online auto pay about three months ago."

My mind did back flips trying to remember if I had ever completed the form to switch to paperless auto pay. I recalled going on the computer.  I recollected, setting everything up. Then it hit me; that moment in time when I realized I couldn't find my credit card so decided to return to it later.

Slowly, as my husband finished reading his credit card number to the electrical company accounting department, I crept backwards up the stairs in hopes of vanishing into our bedroom. I was alone for quite some time, hiding in the corner by the window, listening as the a/c popped on, clocks began ticking and lights flickered with the reinstatement of our power.

It had to be an hour before Eric came to the doorway. By then, the house was cooler and so was his temper. Without saying a word, he handed me a piece of paper where he had written down and numbered every single critical word I had uttered while he diagnosed and fixed the problem. At the bottom, circled in red ink, was the number 127.

Pants down, over his knee, I counted out 127 swats - some with his hand, some with a wooden spoon and some with his favorite small leather strap.  By the end, my ass was 104 degrees.

"Tomorrow, you will be disciplined for managing to get our power turned off," he said lining the implements up on the night stand. "That was just for your mouthiness this evening."

I nodded, looking rather pitiful, I'm sure but then he scooped me in his arms and kissed that pout right off my face.

"Time to play!" he said happily forgetting the interruption to our plans.. and out came the cuffs and toys.



  1. Geez, I have had those kind of spankings. I already had felt horrible about my mistake, so the punishment did help me feel like the guilt was unloaded from my shoulders and I knew that I was forgiven. But my butt has yet to forgive me.

    1. You just stated the number one reason I am enjoying the pain of ttwd so much - I don't carry guilt anymore. My butt may be on fire but emotionally, I feel lighthearted and loved. :) Amy

  2. Oh dear not a good end to the night Amy. I'm glad I don't handle the accounts around here. Hope you survived both spankings. Sounds like the night ended well.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Survived and deep down, enjoyed both. I make mistakes - it's nice to have a way to get over them quickly. Amy

  3. two remind me of Master and me...I would probably have racked up more that 127....Love how your evening ended...
    hugs abby

    1. 127 was a BIG number to us... you're a pretty strong gal to take more than that! Amy


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