Friday, May 6, 2016

Lectured - "Off to class with you, young lady"

The semester is coming to an end; only three weeks left and a ton of papers, projects and presentations staring me in the face.

I spent two hours playing with our "toys" while I waited for Eric to make his good night call after a late meeting.  I planned to cum with him in my ear and playfully texted sexual innuendos to entice him away from his work world and into our closet.

"I'm in the corner, wearing your t-shirt and the purple plug, waiting for further instructions, Sir."

I knew that would get him.  "Sir." (Giggle)

He didn't reply, during the sixty seconds I managed to stand still with my nose to the wall.

In the closet, I lay on my back, vibrating rabbit riding my clit while I imagined Eric standing over me, fully erect and wanting.  He called shortly after I came and we talked about the sexy details at length; phone sex for my long distance husband.

"I can't believe you didn't wait for me," he said, adjusting his cock for the rest of the drive.  "Maybe I should make you come again."

He did. Phone sex for me. It was amazing.

I was already ultra sensitive; lips swollen and clit on high alert.

My orgasm rolled, legs shook and pleasure escaped in a passionate scream.

Eric reached the hotel and checked in while I showered.  He called back to tuck me in.

"Snuggle down, covers up, good night sweetheart. I love you."

"Good night honey," I replied. "I love you too. Oh, and tomorrow I decided to skip class so I can work on one of my final papers. I never have enough time to get everything done so I'm just going to hit the library for three hours instead of sitting through another lecture that won't help my grade."

The title of our blog is Eric51Amy49 because we truly have an equal partnership. I'm very independent and Eric is beyond supportive, but since discovering ttwd, both of us are starting to enjoy his HOH side. I did not, however, expect to hear any dominance in reaction to my final statement before drifting happily off to sleep. Instead, I got a surprise lecture.

"You had enough time to spend two hours masturbating in the closet, cum without me and then get back on the rabbit to cum with me; but you have to skip class to get your homework done?! I don't think so, young lady.  You will go to class and you will get your homework done on time. Is that understood?"

The independent adult in me flared up and "Who the hell do you think you are?!" stood at the starting gate on the tip of her tongue. Just before she let loose, the little girl inside who has desperately wanted someone to care about what she is doing, gulped and whispered, "yes sir".

It was an incredible moment and I can't even explain why.  We hung up and I fell asleep feeling more safe and loved than I have in... well, maybe than I ever have.

And at 3 a.m., when I unexpectedly woke up turned on more than ever, this girl took another trip to the closet. (Shhhhh. Eric doesn't know about that one. Wink, wink.)

I'm not sure how I will get everything done this week but tonight, I will be in class. That is for sure.



  1. much to say....the part about the independent adult flaring up only to be softly tapped on the shoulder by that little girl telling you to move the fuck over. I get that. The sassy independent woman hardly even chimes in anymore but I so remember the struggle between who I am in the world and who I am at home. I mistakenly thought the two were separate but equal....for me, I have come to realize that I am both but they are not separate at all. I can be strong, independent, and so many other things that are very much considered dominant I think, because I have the privilege of having a safe place to be soft, cared for, encouraged, and lovingly "maintained" (spanked). I leave the sassy independent little bitch at the doorstep when I come home. And it is LOVELY!

    1. We are heading in that direction. I bet it is LOVELY!!

  2. It is possible to be both...for a long time I was only the bossy, 'one in charge' is so nice to have a safe place to leave all that behind. And...I love how you both keep the submissive you alive while being apart...good luck with all that end of the semester work.
    hugs abby

    1. We have so little time together lately, the phone play is becoming more and more important. The hardest are the days that we can't even fit that in. It's been almost ten days since my last spanking - bet that would ramp us up again. :) Amy

  3. When I experienced sub drop, I was weepy and clingy. But I also know that the effects of a drop after you have been in a state of stress, or involved in something that has taken a lot if time and energy I get that adrenaline drop. Who knows why?


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