Saturday, April 30, 2016

The spanking closet has replaced the spanking chair

"Get home NOW Amy."

It was the middle of the afternoon and we were both at work.

I texted back.


His reply was quick.

"Don't get mouthy with me, young lady. You have 15 minutes to get your ass in the closet."

My drive is slightly longer than his.

I beat him home.


Admittedly, I was flying.

I ran in the house, up the stairs and to the closet in our bedroom. There were two Velcro cuffs hanging from the top shelf, the implement chest was unlocked and on the floor was Sir Strap, the blind wand and the small folded leather strap. Eric was halfway up the stairs before I could register what any of it meant.

"Why are you dressed?" he snarled, grabbing me by the arm and leading me over to the left cuff.

Eric strapped my wrist tightly to the metal shelving and then hoisted the right side into place as well. My face buried itself in the row of shirt sleeves hanging before me and I felt the light tap tapping of Sir Strap on the back pocket of my jeans.

"This is the second time in a week I've had to leave work to come home and take care of you," Eric stated and the strap landed harshly across both cheeks.

Deja vu.  He was right. It had only been two days since our game of charades.

"Is this going to be a problem anymore?" he asked, the strap swinging hard, first against the right cheek and then against the left.

"No." I answered, smelling the scent of a fresh dryer sheet while my ass began to tingle.

"No what?" came the question along with four sharp stingers in a row.

I sucked in a big breath of air and exhaled in quick shallow puffs as though I was in labor.

"No it will not," I replied and the strap reigned down again, four in a row, quicker and harder than the time before.

Arms held tightly overhead, I could not cover my aching bottom or relieve the outbreak of sweat along my back with a short break from the discipline.  My feet danced their own private jig, stopping only when the strap hit the floor in front of me and Eric reached for my jeans, undoing the zipper and uncovering red blazing cheeks.  He picked up the blind wand and pulling my hair, gave me a quick peek before planting a swift welt across my left thigh.

"Try again," he stated and the blind wand struck each thigh three times and my bottom a few more.

"Okay, Okay!" I danced and jumped and squirmed and yelped.

Eric threw down the blind wand and picked up the thin strap with the handle.

"One more time," he said forcing my legs apart slightly.  "Is this going to be a problem anymore?"

Before I could even answer, Eric slapped that little folded strap of leather hard across the back of my left thigh over and over and over again.

"No!" I yelled, wiggling and moving as much as I could, bound against the closet walls.

"No Sir!!" I yelled louder as Eric continued to land smack after smack on that one tender spot.

As soon as I said it, Eric undid the Velcro on each cuff and after throwing a towel on the floor, ordered me to lie down and pleasure myself with a high speed hummingbird toy that he'd tucked behind a rack of shoes. It wasn't long before he was towering above me, cock and a handful of lotion in motion over my eager body.

"You are beautiful," Eric said, smiling down at me. "This is like watching a real porn star!"

I started to come and Eric let loose, blasting my belly and breasts with hot sticky juices.

At the sink, rinsing off before running back to work, Eric commented on my left thigh.

"You're already bruised, honey," he said endearingly and looking for some sort of clue as to my reaction to the whole situation. "I've never seen you take so much. We definitely went further than ever before on this one. I'm really sorry but that's going to be there for awhile."

"I know," I said, lost in how his concern showed through the bright blue sparkle of his eyes.  "And I needed it." (The spanking, not the purple mark. We were both surprised how quick it appeared.)

Dressed again, out the door and on the road, I felt the bruise he spoke of but honestly, the clear mind and contentment made it all worthwhile.

Just another step toward the Citadel. We'll get there someday.


  1. I don't know, but are you misbehaving on purpose? I would be.

  2. Blondie! I would never misbehave on purpose!! Oh wait, was that a lie? Do I need another spanking? :) Amy


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