Thursday, March 10, 2016

Welcome home Eric!

Eric is home and I am reminded of the little things.

He takes off his shoes in the entry and calls out to me when he walks in the door.

His hugs make me feel more safe and secure than I've ever felt before; and his kisses send that sensation straight to my heart.

I get lost in his bright blue eyes and when he talks about frustrations at work,his cheeks go rosy red.

We read the March Questions together today - ask us anything! We've only had two but I've asked nine others and they have all answered.

We snuggled in bed and I read to Eric and watched him get hard.

My finger nails danced along Eric's arm. I love stroking his body, touching him; gentle tickles, soft and soothing.

I pulled his cock from his pants but he told me no. I am supposed to be recovering.

Small surgery yesterday.


I got my man home after eight long days.

He tells me to be still.

I crave his cock.

I want to feel his hot cum pour into my body.

No sex for three weeks.


Eric tells me no. To be still. To recover.  He puts on a video.

I bounce around the bed, kiss his balls, watch as he strokes himself.

I want to play too.

I walked three miles after my surgery; to buy a bag of candy. "Recovery" is not my thing.

Eric's hand flinched today.  I saw it. He mentioned my trip to the store and told me to lie still but at that moment, I knew he would have given anything to have me over his knee.

Darn medical crap.

Anyway, Eric came and I watched. Salty smooth white cum spilling over that special spot my tongue likes to explore.

My fingers played while he came, my head resting on his thigh.  I found a new place to make him smile.

I pretend I can handle anything; that I have a handle on everything.

Safe, with him here, I let down enough to realize how worn out I truly am.

I let go.

Eric tucked me in. Kissed my forehead and I was out.

Three hours.

Sleeping and calm and relieved that for the moment, I am not in this world alone.


  1. Hi Amy, it's six weeks here for the no sex thing and my husband has said already he can't wait to spank again. He is surprised how much he misses it! I would like to know how long you and Eric have been at ttwd? Whose idea was it in the first place? I hope he is home for a bit longer this time and your recovery is swift.
    love Jan,xx

    1. Hi Jan! I have no right to complain. My little baby surgery is about half of what you just went through. Sounds like you've got lots to look forward to once your recovery is complete. Too bad we're not closer. We could hang out while time does its thing. :) Amy

  2. Hi Amy,
    Hope you do as your Eric says and recover quickly so you can get back to the things your enjoy.
    The three weeks will go by before you know it.

    Sending positive healing vibes your way.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. You are very sweet Lindy. Thank you for the positive vibes. I hate being down which is silly since I complain about having too much to do when I'm overloaded. Where is the elusive balance we all search for?! Gosh its a hard thing to hold onto. Amy


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