Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March is question and answer month - how fun!!

Apparently, March is the month where YOU can ask any question and it will be answered. 

Feel free to ask either Eric or me anything you want to know. 

We're game!



  1. Hi Amy, How long have you and Eric been into TTWD and what made you decide to give it a go. What's your favourite implement and what's Erics? Do you have a list of rules to follow?
    Hugs Lindy

  2. Hi Lindy! Eric and I really just started this in July of 2015. After three years of being married, I finally told him I had self disciplined in the past to clear my head and keep myself going. Turns out, he liked the idea of spanking me and after researching DD, we landed here. Favorite implement - hard to narrow down as it changes based on the situation. If I'm truly in trouble, a big leather strap. If I need to feel loved, OTK and Eric's hand. I have a black leather belt hanging in the closet which has brought both pain and pleasure. Eric loves his bullwhip - uses it to tie me with and is planning a day with me strapped to a tree once he gets it down, but that's more of a fantasy than a real punishment. Oh the list goes on. We "play" a lot and both get turned on by the whole thing. I guess we don't have a single favorite. Rules? No. This is a partnership and pretty equal; Eric appreciates my independence and uses ttwd to help me thrive on an individual level as much as anything else. I am getting the strap for sure every time I make up in my head any ideas about him not loving me anymore - have a habit of letting my fear of being left run away with me and he puts a stop to it with some hard licks. Otherwise, I get spanked as a reset when I'm overloaded. Thanks for asking! Amy

  3. Love you answer above...you find magic lamp..and the genie grants you 3 wishes....but the wishes must be personal ones..wold peace is not an option...what are your wishes..you can answer individually or as a couple..
    hugs abby


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