Friday, March 4, 2016

Answer to Abby's Question

March is Question and Answer month... ask us anything and we will answer!

Here is a question from Abby: You find a magic lamp..and the genie grants you 3 wishes....but the wishes must be personal peace is not an option...what are your can answer individually or as a couple..

Eric is out of the country until Tuesday so I'm going to have to do an "individual" answer here, but once he's back, it'll be fun to tackle it again as a couple.

I get three wishes - anything I want... the first one is EASY -

Eric lost his father almost twenty years ago but his stories paint the most incredible picture of a loving, ethical, hard working gentleman who truly lived to make the world a fabulous place for his wife and children. There are many tales about the sacrifices he made, the laughter they all shared, the daily grind, the fun trips, the sound advice, the love and support... it goes on and on.  My first wish is that Eric would have one more day with his Dad; a chance to catch up on what has taken place over the past two decades and a chance to walk among the redwoods and be his boy again.  I know his Dad would be so proud of him, not because he has accomplished everything he has ever set his mind to, using the same principles and ethics his father always taught him, but because first and foremost, Eric has a huge kind heart.

The next two are much more selfish -

I would like to dump all of my insecurities and painful past experiences so I can be the carefree, happy, loving girl who is buried deep inside me and who Eric deserves to have as his wife.

I would like to spend the rest of my life exploring the planet and fulfilling fantasies with Eric: we have a list that could easily keep us busy well into our hundreds.

Thanks for asking Abby!



  1. Hi Amy,

    I enjoyed reading your answers to Abby's question.
    Its so hard to dump all your insecurities. Bear has helped me enormously with mine but things keep popping up in the media to make mine reappear. So I'm back to square one.
    Know what you mean though.
    Hugs Lindy

  2. Interesting. I quit watching the news years ago because the media portrays a very distorted view of the world and quite frankly, if I can't actually do something about an issue, I drive myself crazy. Better for me to stay out of that loop. Amy


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