Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My planets are NOT aligned today, but Ronnie got a book published!

The day started with a pregnancy scare.

I say "scare" because Eric and I really don't want to have anymore kids. Mine just went to college!

We were both sweating bullets.

The test was negative.


Ronnie has a book published!

Link to: Diary of a Disciplined Wife

I bought it today; twice.

Couldn't figure out how to download it the first time,
got frustrated and bought it a second time,
ran out of time so couldn't start reading,
Looking forward to it.
Exciting, Ronnie!

Valentine's Day is Sunday.

Eric will be working.

We figured out exactly how we will celebrate before his trip...
lotta bondage,
       lotta new unopened toys,
               lotta hair pulling, butt slapping, kissing and "love making".
Who am I kidding?
                       We plan to fuck like rabbits.

Communication is sporadic with both of us completely overloaded.

The plan is in place,

BUT (there's that word again)

I planned for Thursday
(was sure he said he was back at 11am that morning)

and he planned for Friday.
(was sure I told him I was traveling Friday morning at 10am)

The reality that we will miss each other by an hour struck us both dumbfounded - nobody's fault, we are too busy and it's insanely hard to keep our own calendars straight, let alone each others. We will not see each other again for seven days!

How is it possible that we spent more time,
before we dated,
than we do

Well, at least I'll have Ronnie's book to keep me company on Valentine's Day

and if I finish it too soon,

I'll read my second copy as well. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day Bloggers.

Buy the book!



  1. Oh Amy, on the plus side no chance of a pregnancy scare next week :(
    I have read the book, great fun. Shame about Valentine's day, keep thinking in the grand scheme of things, you have Eric forever not just one day and don't panic this time
    love Jan,xx

  2. Hello Jan, You are very good at looking at the bright side of things. No panic this go around. I'm actually traveling this time too, though not together, so I'll be preoccupied and busy. It's good being back in school, especially with Eric working two jobs (his co-worker quit so he's filling in). Looking forward to Ronnie's book. Enjoy Valentine's with your hubby. Do twice as much, on our behalf! :) Amy

  3. Well I'll be alone on Valentine's Day too! Except it isn't a big deal to us due to the line of work Barney is in, he's always working on VD.

    Speaking of the letter *V*, there is a pretty surefire way for you to not have another pregnancy scare *hint, hint Eric*

    1. Ha! You made me laugh out loud on that one. Can't wait until Eric reads your comment. ;) Amy

  4. The not seeing each other would be horribly difficult....but you two REALLY do a great job at planning your fun time together!! Here's to your Valentines Day rain check!!!
    XOXO Pearl

  5. Hi Pearl! Nice to hear from you again. We both hate not seeing each other very much but you are right, there is some pretty great anticipation associated with each reunion. Hope you have a fun weekend. Amy


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