Saturday, February 20, 2016

My outlet, your inlet?

Come home, Eric.

Put your shoes by the door and take the large strap from the table.
(We both know my brain has gone sideways and an intense reset is required.)

Find me in our bedroom.
Over your knee, spatter hand prints all around my pinking bottom as you warm my cheeks.
Insert the plug so I'll be ready for you when my punishment is over; a little lube, a lot of pressure, the black one.

Remind me of the slotted spoon, the hairbrush and the small red strap.

Corner time. Nipples to the wall. Stand still.

If I squirm, five lashes on the backs of my legs with the birch twig from the trail. 

If I squirm again, break out the rod. Five swats to my backside. 

Holding still. Reset complete. Brain intact and ready to listen. 

It is time to make your point. Take me to my knees. Start the lecture; explain the dangers of overthinking and the pain that is caused by allowing negative thoughts to throw us down a path that is unrealistic and detrimental. If I come up with excuses, pants down (yours) just enough to dangle your huge cock in front of me. Shove it in my mouth to stop the lines of bullshit I tell myself and you. Shut me up by forcing my tongue and lips to dance around the V while sliding up and down, making you hard and throbbing.

Hold off, not yet. Pants zipped back up. There is more to be done. That was a reset. This is a consequence.

Tie, my hands to the foot board, knees on the bench, butt in the air.  The large strap. 

"You need proof?! It's not enough that my words and my actions say I love you every day? You need more? Remember this, Amy Lynn, for a long time and you won't easily forget that I do love you."

Five, real, no holding back and no kindness in between strikes. Pure punishment. It will be enough. If not, there can always be more.

Strap down. Unlock my hands. Kiss me passionately while we undress you.

Bending over the bed, remove the plug and insert yourself, bareback and strong. Thrust in and out of my starfish, pull my hair and ravage me with your cock. As you get closer, make sure I am clear that I belong to you. Pump faster and harder, use your right hand to lay a few powerful spanks to my strap painted cheek and then cum. Blow your whole wad deep between my cheeks.

Lesson learned, forgive me with gentle licks to all of my wounds. If there are tears, kiss them away and cradle me in your arms under sheets of bubbles in a bath.

I'll be set for the next ten days you are gone and you'll know your point was clear.

Next time, I'll be a better girl my darling and then it can be all about you. I promise, my love. You'll enjoy the glass, a blow job and a massage from me. Next time.


*Side note:  Eric spelled out my reset and consequences for overthinking again. This is my interpretation of what he said. He'll be home next Wednesday. We wait, in anticipation.


  1. Hmmm.....not sure if you wait in anticipation, or this is expectation, " my interpretation of what he said" disguised in your mind as anticipation. Either way, I hope it works out for you.


  2. Hi Willie! Doesn't matter what it is. I'm high as a kite because I finally get my husband home for 26 hours. Over the top HAPPY!!!!! Amy


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