Sunday, January 31, 2016

The saga continues; Eric is out the door again

Thursday, Eric came home and we spent lunch together.

Our reunion became a threesome; Eric, Amy and Sir Strap. Ha!

We also had a threesome in the bathtub. Eric, Amy and Mr. Bubble! Ha, ha!

Anyway, I had a late night meeting so I wasn't home until after my darling had gone to bed.

Friday morning, Eric left early and I slept an extra hour so we missed each other but spoke on my drive to the office.

"Sweetheart," he began, "You know we're not done, correct?"

I, naively, had no clue what he was talking about.

"When I get home today, I expect the strap to be back on the entry table. We will do this everyday until you make it to ten."

The idea of the strap again is horrific but at the same time, the butterflies in my stomach, blush on my cheeks, and wetness between my legs indicated I'm willing. I am also determined to handle it and put an end to my incessant habit of negative overthinking.

"This time I'm going to give you a warm up with the paddle, jeans on.  Then you're going over my knee, just panties. Tell me you want this, honey."

Hmmm.  Tell him I want this.  How do I say that?  Yes I want this but I don't want to say it.

I didn't answer.

"Tell me honey." Eric rarely, uh, NEVER, asks a question and then drops it if I don't answer.

"I do." I squeak so softly I can hardly hear my own voice.

"I want to hear you say yes," he prompts.

I clear my throat and pull up to the office building.

"Yes." I say.

"Yes what?" he comes back with.

"Yes I do," I reply.

"Yes what?" he asks again.

Eric really wants me to call him Sir. I should. I ALMOST want to. I still can't do it.  Silly.

Anyway, the long story short is I spent all morning anticipating our night and weekend together. Instead, I got this text around 1pm.

"Honey, Andy dropped out so I have to handle his region. I leave at 4. I'll call you on the way to the airport. ILY"

My mind went bananas.  Over six days, we literally had one waking hour together, one! I was UPSET and SAD and HURT and DISAPPOINTED.

Eric called, as promised.  The sound in his voice immediately changed my entire attitude because he was UPSET and SAD and HURT and DISAPPOINTED. I think this is the first time he's ever shown me how much he is let down when work takes away from our time together.

Depending on how things go, I might get Eric back on Monday or it could be as long as Thursday. Between my threesome with Sir Strap and the realization that Eric is equally bummed that we aren't together, I think I'll be fine this time.  Eric is getting into ttwd and I'm so glad we are both on the same page.

The last thing my hubby said on the phone was:  "I know you want this (ttwd) and when we first looked into it, I was open to trying it out.  But today, I wanted it.  Today, I craved it for me and for you."

Now that, is reassuring. (I wrote it down, so I remember, and so all of you can remind me if I flip out again.)

Have a happy weekend Blogfriends and if your husbands are home, enjoy the time together! Get a little playful and be a little naughty. LOVE your relationships over-the-top today.

Meanwhile, I think I will get a massage. Yay!



  1. Hi Amy, DO NOT FLIP OUT this time. It can't be helped and maybe if you are strong and accepting you just might escape the strap this time!! Fingers crossed
    love Jan,xx

  2. So far so good, Jan. I'm off to a birthday party with the girls. Start school again next week too. My brain should be too busy to lose it. ;) Amy


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