Saturday, January 30, 2016

The lesson; how the strap and my ass went down

Eric flew in at 10 and told me to meet him at the house on my lunch break.  He was eager to see me. Sent texts like, "I can't wait to hold you." "Kiss U!" and "I miss you Sweet Pea."

I had spent five days overthinking everything and putting words in Eric's mouth.  They weren't the kind of words he was texting. This habit of catastrophic thinking is something we are working on together, to end. Eric was clear in his direction, every time it happens, "Leave the strap in the entry where I take off my shoes and I'll know."

After five days of negative thoughts and then reading how excited Eric was to be back, I really didn't want to sour the reunion with a confession and consequences but at the same time, I thought if I didn't tell him right away, it would be like hiding something from him, and then I'd feel even worse, and then I wouldn't know how to bring it up, and then I'd hide it more, and then, and then, and then (overthinking always takes place in long run-on sentences that would kill any half decent English teacher).

I got home before Eric did.

I put the strap on the table in our entry.

I sat, at the top of the stairs, holding onto the slats below the railing (kind of like looking through bars of a jail cell) and watched as my handsome husband came through the door.

Suitcase down, coat off, shoes off, pockets emptied. I felt like I was going to explode. I was so happy to see him and so afraid of his reaction it was like being back in college when I accidentally discovered the clash between no-doz and alcohol - upper and downer combining in my stomach.

Without saying a word, Eric took the strap in his hand and walked steadily up the stairs until he was towering over me.  He reached out his hand and I swallowed away the lump in my throat, allowing him to pull me to my feet.  Our fingers laced around each other and I squeezed tight as he guided us to our room.

Strap on the bed, Eric took me to the large closet mirror (I HATE looking at myself in a mirror.) and slowly began to undress me.  He took his time undoing my zipper and pealing my dress down my shoulders and back.  Then he carefully folded it over the back of the spanking chair, undid my bra, slipped off my panties and placed them beside the dress.  A quick kiss and he held me in front of the mirror.

"Look at yourself," he commanded. "You are a beautiful girl."

I felt so exposed.  I closed my eyes but he wanted them open.  I looked at the floor but he wanted me forward.  I squirmed and I blushed. He waited me out.

"Where is your hairbrush?" he asked and the lump returned to my throat.  Was that his idea of a warm up to the strap?

A minute later, hairbrush in hand, Eric was... brushing my hair! I breathed. I relaxed. I unwound a bit.

"Come on," his voice was stern this time. "Over the bed."

Eric positioned me up on my elbows with my bottom out. There was no lecture, no speech; nothing but the slap of the strap across my cheeks. I couldn't believe how much it stung.  The second strike was way worse and I stood upright, pressing into his body with my ass blazing on fire.

What's interesting here is Eric did not comfort me.  He didn't put his arms around me or say something reassuring or sweet.  He stood rock solid, like a wall behind me, and waited until I settled myself and returned to the position he had originally created. I can still imagine his body behind mine.

Three, four and five hits with the strap, I couldn't tell you what happened. I know I stood up a couple of times and was put face down again.  We both knew I couldn't handle anymore.  Eric finished by spanking my ass with his hand, to the point that I could make out his fingers on my right cheek. I got two more with the strap and spent five minutes in the corner "under thinking" the moment.

Eric pulled back the covers on the bed and undressed so we were both naked. I was instructed to lay on my stomach on the bed and he took a red sharpie and drew a heart on my ass.

"That's to remind you I am doing this out of love, not to hurt you," he said and then took a picture with the strap as another reminder.

I've failed to mention the passionate kissing, fucking, bath and pleasure that followed this entire event because that would be far too personal but suffice it to say, I was very happy to have my Eric home. ;)



  1. Hi Amy, I am glad he is home, glad all is well in your world. Try and remember how pleased to see you he was when he goes away again.Might save your rear end!
    love Jan,xx

    1. Hi Jan, He's gone again. We are both being tested this time! I'll write about that next. Thanks for always being here for me. If I ever travel near you, I want to come say hi! Amy

  2. Hi Amy, Sounds like a happy ending. Love the red sharpie heart on your bottom. Very sweet! Remember next time Eric loves you. Maybe you should get the red sharpie heart tattooed to your butt to remind you. LOL!

    Now enjoy your man whilst he is home and stop over thinking young girl!

    Hugs Lindy

    1. Funny you should say that... we talked about getting that heart tattoo because it really does make me smile. Neither of us have any so for now, we are sticking with the sharpie but, you never know! Amy

  3. I like that he "stood rock solid like a wall", that is how I always imagine the dominant partner in a dd relationship should be at times like this. Not swayed into cuddling and reassurance just at that particular point in time when it first starts to hurt (because as I'm always told; it's meant to hurt!) yet not shouting or angry, just determined and strong. Because of course I believe he has to be very strong in order to show his love for you in this way.

    1. It sounds bizarre to say it, but I found myself MORE comforted by the fact that Eric didn't embrace me but stayed solid behind me. It was very symbolic in my mind that he wasn't going to allow me out of this unpleasantly painful experience but that he was going to stay strong and solid while "having my back" so to speak. I agree with you Janey, our men have to be very strong to do this. Have a wonderful weekend! Amy


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