Saturday, January 23, 2016

"No more toys!" Really?! Ugh. But Valentine's Day....

Eric bought Sir Strap (which he now refers to as Sir Spank-a-lot); and he's talking about getting a leather stamp to mark it every time he has to use it on me. I love the idea but after the other day, don't plan on his needing that stamp.

I bought a spanking thing that could be used for a light warm up or as a bondage rope with a handle. While at it, I also got an old fashioned Catholic school "ruler", a bright red acrylic paddle and a folded leather piece.

"No more toys!" was Eric's response, though he thoroughly enjoyed opening the box of goodies with me.

"Why?  You don't want to do this anymore?"  I got that uneasy pit of fear in my stomach; the one that overthinks every statement Eric makes and could land me another visit from his newest "not for fun, hurts like hell" implement.

Eric looked at me like I had lost it.

"Are you kidding me?!" he asked.  "Is that a real question?"

Then he proceeded to remind me of the seven or eight toys we haven't had a chance to try out since his birthday in November!

"No more toys until we use everything we already have."

Done.  There is that 51% - no room for discussion.

I know he's right but Valentine's Day - hello!


  1. I have bought a couple of toys, but when he has bought them I always feel that I now know he really wants this, and when it's me I think I'm pushing it on him - that inner head voice???!!!!
    How many days until Valentines? You could act to ensure that there was a reason for each of the ones you've already got to be used by then so that you can legitimately buy another, but I would not advise trying to do such a thing, it might be classed as trying to control, to gain 51% and call for just the serious use of that Strap!
    No, buy him some nice underwear for you to wear or something!

    1. Janey! That's a great idea. I can get something pretty for me to have on that day (20 days until Valentine's) and my suggestion can merely be that we try out a toy from his birthday. I've waited forever to be with a man who is willing to "play" and have fun with me. I've found him but it is crazy hard to find time when we are alone together and not completely exhausted. Thanks for writing! Amy

  2. Hi Amy, as an observer I am saying don't risk it! Get some fancy lingerie instead ;)
    love Jan,xx

    1. Will do. Seems every time I take a risk, I learn that Eric is not a push over in the least bit. A trait, I might add, that I find incredibly attractive but on occasion, painful. Amy

  3. I agree with Janey, and not because of the punishment aspect. You have to listen to him, this is where it becomes 'real' if you will. You can't just pick and choose which things to obey, trust me I wish you could. This might seem like " well what about ??? " but to HIM it will be " I said NO " regardless a NO is a NO.

    I also agree with Janey that it will mean that much more if HE buys things. Lord knows we have a collection of toys ( non implement wise) that are collecting dust because Barney has forgotten about them. That used to hurt my feelings, but now I understand why.

    Every Christmas Eve now we have an XXXmas Eve gift exchange just for the two of us. Sounds like a long time to wait, but trust me you can't just jump around from one thing to the next. Getting to KNOW each 'toy' works out much, much better in the long run.


  4. Oh My Goodness. Willie! "a NO is a NO"? I don't get told NO. This is going to be the hardest part of the whole thing for me. I literally crave having my strong solid husband taking the decision making burden off me when I get overwhelmed and crazy (Crazy Daisy, here I am!) I want it, I promise I do. The word "but" should not follow that statement BUT in my head, "No" simply means "try again, a more creative way". Logically, I hear you. I'm just used to doing everything myself. The letting go process - arrrggghhh. Thank you for listening. I'll go back to "trying".

    I love your XXXmas Eve thing. I believe some places celebrate Xmas in June, which isn't nearly as far off. :D See! It's a natural response. "The work around." I have perfected that shit!


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