Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Boat Ride

"Amy! Get off that thing. Sit down here on the bench." Eric said when his giddy girl jumped up on the counter of the ships bow. Amy shook her head and turned toward the ocean. 

"Amy," Eric sternly put his hands on her shoulders,  "I said get down NOW." 

"Excuse me," Amy wiggled under his grip and addressed the ships Captain, "Is it okay if I sit up here?" 

"Sure," he said, eager to please his passenger. "It'll be a rough ride but if you want to,  go right ahead." 

Eric gritted his teeth.  Although he wanted Amy to have the time of her life,  he didn't think it was particularly safe to be up there and he was furious that she had gone to the Captain to override his direction.  

"Stay then," he whispered into her ear,  "but your ass is going to pay for this tonight." 

Amy knew Eric tended to worry too much so she happily ignored his statement and spent the hour long ride bouncing along with the waves, wind and salty water pummeling her face and her body sliding around the slick surface. With each bump,  Eric counted the number of welts he intended to plant on her ass. 

By the time the couple returned to the room they had rented for new years, they were both tired and hungry.  Amy suggested they shower quick and go to dinner but Eric had other plans.  

"Do you really think you were going to get away with making me worry for a solid hour while you insisted on sitting on a counter top during high winds not to mention completely disobeying me?" Amy blushed. 

"I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't mean to worry you. I just wanted to have fun."

"Go get your hair brush," Eric said,  truly unhappy with her behavior.  

"I didn't bring it on the trip." Amy admitted and Eric looked more annoyed.  

"Fine," he said scanning the place for something to punish her with.  The room was sparse- no mini blinds,  no kitchen utensils. 

"Come here," Eric said, his frustration growing. He put her over his knee and realizing her bathing suit bottom was still wet, began a loud slapping warm up that proved quite stingy.  Amy squirmed as the slaps grew harder and just when he knew she was on the verge of trying to get away,  he stopped for a moment to lecture her once more and then very slowly and deliberately pulled down her suit exposing two pink cheeks.  

"Now, young lady," Eric began spanking her hard again, "let's see just how red your ass can be before dinner.  Eric was relentless and in no time Amy was apologizing and begging him to stop.  Once again he took her right to the edge but then allowed her to catch her breath.

Remembering Amy had gone to the Captain for permission to sit up top spurred Eric's desire to make his point once more and he marched her to the corner while he went to find his thin brown dress belt in the suitcase. 

"You are going to have a hard time sitting at dinner tonight young lady," he stated and folding the belt in half,  ordered her to bend over the back of the couch.  Eric showed no mercy as Amy held on tight to a cushion, his belt leaving streaks of red welts asking her bottom.  The more he spanked her, the harder he became and Eric decided it was times to punish her ass for real.  Pulling her by the hair into the bedroom, Eric piled pillows in the center of the bed and had her lie, butt in the air, for his pleasure.  

"I bet you won't forget your hairbrush again," he stated taking a plastic clothes hanger to her already blazing hind end. Twenty strokes in, he grabbed the tube of lubricant and told her to spread her cheeks.  Her starfish was very tight so he loosened her up with one finger, then two, before he slid himself all the way in.  He rode her ass until he couldn't wait another second and then pumped every last drop of his hot cum into her red streaked bottom. When he finished,  he led her to the outdoor shower and watched as she bathed among the elephant ears, his cum dripping from her starfish, his hand prints littering her cheeks with a red pattern accentuated by the belt and hanger marks.  

After the shower,  Eric laid Amy on her stomach on the bed and massaged cool refreshing lotion on her battered skin. 

"I love you Amy," he said perfectly aware that dinner would be a painful experience; seated on those hard wooden chairs for an hour or two. He was confident she'd learned her lesson.

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