Friday, January 1, 2016

Eric came home early - Written by Amy

Once Eric left on his trip, I stayed away from the blog.  Part of me thought it would be comforting, reaching out to my new blog friends and keeping up with the latest holiday stories.  But there was a part of me that knew the sadness of Eric being gone so long would be bad enough without signing in on a blog that was all about us.  So, I packed up the laptop and let it be.

Yesterday, I found myself home alone, all family off with friends or visiting other places.  I missed Eric so much I put on our favorite music and went rummaging through the toy chest I'd given him for his birthday.  Inside was a box with two vibrators - one rabbit and one hummingbird.  I had promised not to play around until he was home on the 4th but five more days seemed impossible.  I ran a wonderfully hot bubble bath and relaxed with the toys in the water.  Then I put a towel on the closet floor and went inside.  

Eric filled my mind as I slid the vibrators, one in each special place, back and forth in opposite time of each other.  I was lost in the sensations, everything building from the inside out, thoughts of Eric being the one between my lips, his blue eyes staring into mine, his fingers laced around mine, his...

Suddenly the closet door opened and two hands grabbed the vibrators and flung them on the floor.  I couldn't see, the bright light from the hall shining into the dark closet but I was pulled to my feet and blinking away the confusion, found myself in the grasp of my love.

"What are you doing home?!" I exclaimed.

Eric was not in the mood for pleasantries.  

"I thought we agreed not to masturbate while we were apart," he said, putting my hair in a pony tail and directing me toward the bed.  He lay me on my stomach and grabbed the cuffs from the chest, tying my wrists and ankles to the bed.

Eric began a warm up, spanking each cheek one after the other until they were shaded pink. My hair fell over my eyes and I watched through the strands in the mirror.  His focus was intense but an overwhelming feeling of love filtrated throughout my mind and body as he worked to complete his task.  Each strike bit and then exploded in a burst of heat, up my spine and through my face.  Sweat broke out between my breasts and I felt moist and tingly where the toy had been.

Eric grabbed the flat wooden hairbrush and I braced myself.  I talked myself through the first three swats but by the fourth, my teeth were pressed together and my eyes were shut tight, hands grasping at the sheets trying to hold onto anything for support.  He didn't waiver, didn't take the time to soothe my cheeks or allow me to catch my breath.

"Okay, okay!" I hollered pulling against the restraints and twisting my bottom as much as I could to avoid the stinging blows.  Eric continued three more on each side, turning my silence into gasps of heavy breathing.

He said something about keeping agreements but I was lost in the flames of my ass being licked by the cool air from the room.  I continued to concentrate on wishing the burn away when a dab of cold lube made it's way into my ass, Eric's hard erection following.  He spent a moment getting us both fitted and then began pumping his hips fast and rough.  Suddenly, my lips were spread and he inserted a large new toy that I'd never seen before.  Back and forth, he slid himself and the toy in and out until I couldn't take another second and my orgasm rolled from my quivering walls until it escaped in an earth shattering scream of pleasure.

At some point, the cuffs were removed and I heard Eric washing up in the sink.  My head was spinning and the reality that he was actually home early was barely resonating with me when he took me from the bed and put me on my knees, presenting himself to my mouth.  My tongue went to work, strong firm strokes along the underbelly, focusing on that special spot that only I know about.  He moaned and I knew he was close.  Hot cum started pumping through my teeth and Eric held onto my hair as we emptied every drop.

"Show me," he said and I opened, trying not to smile for fear of having it drip out the corners of my mouth.  He approved and I swallowed.

Ten minutes later, I was in my pj's and curled up on Eric's lap on the couch.

"See what happens to bad girls?" he said, slapping my tender ass before kissing my forehead.

"Yes I do!" I exclaimed.  My new theme song for 2016 will be Bad by The Cab.  He doesn't want a good girl. This I know for sure.


  1. Tsk, tsk tsk. Instead of calling it his toy box you should call it Pandora's box. Open it up and trouble happens

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ha! Good idea Blondie. When Eric goes to work on Monday, I'll make a sign and tape it to the chest. "Pandora's Box of Trouble" :) Amy

  4. "...focusing on that special spot that only I know about."

    THIS is what it's all about! I love that he caught you and taught you a good "lesson". He loves his bad Amy!! =)

    And, I think we have all had the times when we had to steer clear of blog land for one reason or another. Glad to see you back my friend!!

    1. Happy New Year Pearl! My resolution this year is to play more. There is truly a serious side to all of this spanking business, but there is a very sexy fun side as well. I plan to be that kind of bad this year. Did you like the song? Looking forward to your upcoming posts! Amy


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