Friday, January 8, 2016

Do you want to play "spanking" or do you want authentic ttwd?

This is the question we discussed at length and quite frankly, I think we still have yet to come up with an answer.  I want to have fun in every aspect of my life.  I didn't get to play much as a child so now, I crave it and incorporate it anywhere I can.

Eric had a completely different childhood than me but is also very playful.  He seems to have a better sense of boundaries than I do and I guess that's where ttwd becomes more authentic.  I need to research some more.  I guess I still don't get the whole ttwd thing.  This was a horrible week and our little trip to the ranch didn't feel like play or anything fun, but it ended with a closeness I'm not sure I've ever felt with anyone before.  Eric is gone for work again and I'm at home, with a very bruised bottom and a ton of questions in my head.

Today, when Eric left, I told him its so hard to have him gone I just wished we could be together all the time. He started playing out a scenario by leaving me a message and then texting me at work.  Thought I'd share... :) Who knows if we will ever get to act it out but my day without him took on a whole new feel as we played off one another's words.

I woke up to the following message:

"The court room was silent as the defendant stared at her feet.  Amy Lynn, we find you guilty of all charges and you are sentenced to seven days in the county jail.  The only female jailer had just gone home ill an hour beforehand so Eric had to take her in.  At the jail, he ordered to to remove her clothes so he could search her cavities.  Amy took everything off except for her bra and panties.  I said everything! Eric growled.  Now take them off or I'll cut them off.  Then, when he had Amy bend over, he saw she was wearing a butt plug. He knew right then that this girl needed to get fucked."

Let the texting begin: Amy is in plain type, Eric is in bold type (It's fun playing off each other - try it!)

Eric sat at his desk pouring over reports; his mind fighting to stay on task and forget the little hussy at the jail. His phone beeped and he paused just a moment to glance at the screen.  "I need a big strong man to fuck my ass." Eric swallowed.  Those were the exact words Amy Lynn had whispered in his ear from behind the bars.

He pushed his report off to the side of his desk and grabbed his car keys.

At the jail, he showed his badge and walked through the dark passages, his cock growing hard in his wool uniform pants.  Through the bars, he saw her, sitting under a patch of light that reflected off streaks of blonde in her otherwise chestnut brown hair.  Big blue eyes looked hungrily in his direction and she smiled.  "You got my message," she stated.

Yah, I got the message he replied.  I wasn't going to come but I thought you needed to be straightened out.

Eric entered the cell and closed the bars behind him.  Slowly, he removed his belt, half wanting to beat her ass and half wanting to fuck it.

He grabbed her by the hair and whispered into her ear, I'm going to teach you a lesson.  He pulled out a set of handcuffs and cuffed her to the bar in her cell, then pulled her pants down exposing her ass.

Amy looked at the devastatingly handsome jailer and butterflies came to life in her gut.  "I knew you wanted it too." she said and he slapped her right cheek so hard, she caught her breath and a perfect hand print raised on the otherwise pale skin of her bottom.

Over and over he forcefully wailed on her ass until it started to welt and bruise.  I hope you learn your lesson young lady he said.

Amy could barely speak.  She grasped the bar and did her best to stay standing.  "Fuck me," she said softly. He didn't hear.  "Fuck me!" she said more loudly.  Eric stopped.  "What?!" he snapped.  Amy pleaded, "Fuck my ass.  Please.  I need your cock. I need you to take me completely.  Please fuck me."

He pulled his hard cock from his pants, spit on the tip and then shoved it fully into her tight ass in one motion. Now ride it you little slut, he commanded.

Gotta go.  Love you.

Amy you little slut, I hate when you are so busy.

Getting on the plane in 20.  

I will miss you honey.  

Loved calling you my little slut.  Lol. 

Ack!  Did I miss you? I had a meeting.  ERIC!!!!  PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!

Ha ha.  Be good Amy Lynn!  I'll be dreaming of you sweetheart.


  1. Amy there is plenty of fun with ttwd if you chose there to be! In fact I have never had more fun in ALL aspects of my life. Now generally I am an anomaly perhaps in blogland as I write about what I find challenging about ttwd, and keep the fun things private.

    Do you know since starting Dd I have taken up snorting when I laugh! Snorting! Not all the time, but there is such a weight lifted off of me, that I am able to just excuses. I am not going to pretend to tell you this happens for everyone, nor am I going to say it was an easy road, at least not for me. All I am trying to say is it doesn't have to be ONE or the other.

    As far as spankings go within this frame work, for me at the start it did have to be one or the other. I couldn't wrap my head around 'play' spankings, emotionally. I will say that Barney did a lot of reset spankings ( ones where I wasn't in trouble, but he wanted to make sure I didn't slip away...perhaps to others those are their play spankings with maybe even scenarios attached).

    So where are we now? LOL...resets are not a tad odd for me, but at least I know going into it what to expect, although emotionally not so much. We have since ventured into a more BDSM area for 'play' but that is still mild. That augments our positions in our dynamic, but it isn't the MAIN part of it by any means. BUT that is just us.

    As for being closer after a punishment, it happens, because it is authentic. AGAIN not saying it doesn't happen after play, it can/does. For *ME* however, I need the real to enjoy the play.

    Good luck processing Amy. It isn't something that generally can be figured out over night. And what works for you one week might not the next.

    The best thing about this post was the first paragraph! The fact that you talked about it...keep it up.


    1. Hey Willie, I'm reading and reading and reading. You have so much insight. I have a lot I'd like to "talk about" but I find I hold back. Perhaps this is a fear of boring the reader or maybe it is that internal voice that says vulnerability is tough in my own head, let alone spelled out on the screens of... Would be interesting what a shot of whiskey would do at this moment. (Funny because I'm really not one to drink to courage.) There is so much inside but, in time, maybe. Amy

  2. I believe ttwd is what you make it. No two dynamics are the same. Sure, we can put labels on them all but, there seems to be a mixture of different things in each one. It's kinda like going to a pot luck, you take a little of this, a lot of that, and maybe try a couple new things because they look good. Your plate might look different from Eric's and those around you, but that's how it works. You can also share plates with Eric. Maybe what he picked looks better on his plate than it did on the table, maybe some of it looks scary, maybe he feels the same about your plate. You try the food, some of it is so good you want it every day, some is a rich and better in small helpings, and some of it looked good but ended up tasting like poop. Maybe what you picked last week will look totally different two years from now. It evolves.

    What I'm trying to say is, keep in mind the only way to find what you two want and what works for you, is trial and error. It is difficult because, even though you two are close and in love, you see things differently and it takes time to find yourselves in the same book, on the same chapter, and much longer to find yourselves on the same page.

    There are folks out there that do things to get in trouble for spankings, and that's okay, if it works for the people involved (I would assume, if you went this route, you would need to talk ***in detail*** about where your boundaries are). We aren't that, but he has spanked me for silly things, for fun, like taking a drink of his milk without asking. Perhaps something like that would work well for you two???

    You guys will figure it out! Just keep at it. :)

  3. I was thinking a little bit more on the potluck thing...I think it is more like you two have your own plates, but strive to combine them into one.

    1. Misty Misty Misty! I love the potluck analogy. That is such a great way to think about it all. You made me want to take action.. how fun would it be (and enlightening) to take a big dining room table and cut out pictures, words, etc. and have them on platters all around the table? You could put out anything and everything. Here is a platter of implements: spoon, paddle, bullwhip, etc. Here is a platter of consequences: spankings, corner time, butt plug, etc. Here we have a platter of kindness: a kiss, listening without judging, holding hands, making love. There is the platter of offenses, one of vulnerabilities, one of role plays, one of hard conversations, one of kinky fantasies. Oh you have my mind going!!! Then, Eric and I (or whomever is doing this) could each take a plate and put the things on the plate that suit us - just like the potluck. How eye opening would it be to see what each other has and in what quantity on his/her plate? And you're right, at the end of the "meal", you end up with the plate that you create and devour together. Wouldn't that be a great way to kick start the new year and really see where each other are at the moment? As you say, it does evolve and change. I think I might start working on this.... just keep a collection of pictures, phrases, words and someday, actually make a ttwd potluck for Eric and me. Thank you so much for sharing. I LOVE THIS. Amy

  4. LOL...I used to think of it as a recipe. Same idea, tweak away. Amy, it shouldn't be a worry boring a reader. Heck you've seen how LONG my post are! Some have come with bathroom and stack breaks incorporated in!

    At the end of the day, you have to make this blog what YOU want it to be,and where you feel comfortable. That being said, I always say to new bloggers, you get out of it what you put into it. You put out the vulnerable you'll get strength from others. You put out the sad, you'll get understanding. You put out a carefree post, you'll get light comments. Sometimes it is the vulnerability of hitting the publish button that helps almost as much as writing the post.

    My last post, I panicked after I posted it. I said to my girl friend, " It sucks! Will you go read it for me. It is all over the place" yet......look at the comments I got.

    Again, I was about to say do what is comfortable for you, but pfft. Do what feels right, not what is easiest! *wink*


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