Friday, January 1, 2016

Didn't want a spanking, but needed it

Amy was on the phone in the kitchen when Eric got home and it was obvious work had made its way into her night once again.  She had on a very polite business tone that she only used when she found herself in the middle of a pack of problems someone else should be handling, but feeling responsible for the world she'd stepped in and worked for hours to fix it all. He went to kiss her hello but she turned away, voice rising, as resistance to her solution intensified. Eric watched the clock and his girl as time escaped and so did her patience. An hour later, she finally hung up and the work world was balanced once more but then, a quick peck on his lips and she was rustling through some papers to be signed, complaining about school books to be ordered on-line and frantic about a rent check to be mailed.

"Are we having dinner tonight?" Eric inquired and Amy snapped.

"Are you kidding me? I don't look busy enough so now you want me to make you dinner too?!"

She turned to the fridge and started slamming ground beef, tomato sauce and vegetables on the counter.
Eric took a deep breath and caught her wrists, pulling her away from the counter and kicking the refrigerator door shut with his foot.

"Honey," he said applying enough pressure to get her attention but not enough to hurt. "I did not ask you to make dinner but simply whether or not we were having dinner together or if you had too much to do."

Amy glared and pulled free from his grip.

"I don't have time to decipher what you do or do not mean," she stated and as she rattled off the things she was handling. The overwhelming list brought tears to her eyes and Eric knew immediately she had reached her breaking point.

"Come on Sweetheart," he said grabbing the long cutting board off the counter and taking her hand in his. "Let's go upstairs and get you ready for bed."

Amy's body began to shake and she tried to let go of his hand. 

"No!" she cried, the tears welling up once again. "I've been good. I've done everything for everyone and I'm just tired, that's all. I'll make dinner. It's not a big deal."

Eric stopped and wrapped his arms tightly around her body, pulling her into his chest.

"Oh honey," he cooed softly in her ear. "I know you've been a good girl and this isn't about dinner. I'm not mad either but I am going to give you a reset."

They moved up the stairs and Amy began to visibly shake the same way she had the first time he'd spanked her over the bed in their room.

"But... but... I don't want a spanking," she stammered.

"I know you don't, Sweetheart," he said leading her over to the dresser , "but you need one."

Eric undid the clasp on her dress and slowing folded the material away from her shoulders exposing her back. He gently stroked his fingers down her spine as he removed her clothing, soft kisses placed randomly. Once naked,  the tears and shaking began again but Eric reached in the drawer and took out his t-shirt and her pajama bottoms. As he dressed her,  she began to relax and become putty in his hands.

"So you're not going to punish me?" she asked hesitantly,  somewhat afraid of his answer but fully aware that he only spanked her bare bottom.

"No darling," he said leading her to the spanking chair. "This is not a punishment so you can keep your clothes on. I'm just giving your mind a break."

With that, he had her over his lap, a strong masculine arm holding her in place as he massaged her backside in the thin cotton jammies. After a few moments, he began spanking her bottom, one side after the other, increasing the force of each swat until she began to squirm and wiggle out of place. On cue, he began rubbing again until she settled back down.

"Alright Amy Lynn," he said taking the paddle from the little round table beside his chair. "I am going to spank you ten times without stopping and they are not going to be light. This is not because you have been a bad girl but because you need a reset and I promised to give it to you."

Amy tensed up, her bottom already warm and tingly from the round with his hand. She braced herself and closed her eyes, trying to breathe deeply and stay calm.

The paddle reigned hard against her cheeks and by the sixth strike she was sucking in air and kicking her legs at the sharp burn Eric was causing her backside. Determined to help her release all of the stress and tension dragging her down, Eric wrapped his leg over hers, pinning them in place as he continued with four more hard smacks. At ten, as promised,  he let her go and she jumped up and danced around the room rubbing her bottom in an attempt to lessen the pain. When she finally stopped moving he took her in his arms, sitting her on his lap, and gently spoke to her in a very loving yet firm way.

"Amy. I believe you can do anything and I truly am your biggest fan but my darling, you can't do everything and now that you have me, you don't have to. We can work together on the things that have to get done but you also need to commit to letting go of things that other people can handle."

Amy opened her mouth to protest the last statement but when she threw out, "You're the same. You do everything at work that your staff..." Eric cut her off and shook his head.

"Apparently you are not following me on this young lady," he said sternly and in no time, she found herself over his knee and pinned in place once more.

"No honey. I get it. No more," she hollered but he grabbed the waistband of her pants and yanked them halfway down her thighs exposing an already crimson behind.

Holding tight, Eric beat down four strikes on one cheek and then four on the other, until his hand stung and his girl was sweating a deep enough pool it showed through the fabric of his shirt
"I need you to cry Sweetheart," he said but she shook her head and begged him to stop. Eric paused only long enough to take the paddle in hand once again. 

"Until I hear your safe word or until you let it all go," he began the same four strike pattern on her blazing cheeks, "we will continue."

Amy bucked and fought, trying to get away from his grip as the strikes on her ass left deeper shades of red and purple behind. Her face became scarlet as her body heat increased and the relentless stinging on her backside grew as though a volcanic eruption was about to explode.

Whack, whack, whack.

Eric continued, wondering deep down what it would take for her to give. About to stop himself, Amy's  body finally slumped over his lap as tears of release gushed from her eyes and her body shook loose of all its stress. He stopped spanking and lovingly rubbed her lower back until she quieted down.

Exhausted, Amy could barely stand on her own so Eric helped her over to the bed and pulled back the covers before guiding her on her stomach into place. He grabbed a tub of cool massage cream and rubbed it into her battered cheeks while she quietly cried herself to sleep.

The next morning,  Eric woke up to gentle kisses from his bright eyed bride.

"You feel better?" he asked and she beamed, happily grinning after her first good night's sleep in a very long time.

"I'm ready to take on the world!" she announced and Eric rolled his eyes.

"You little minx," he said pulling her close.  "You don't want a repeat of last night anytime soon do you?! Remember what I said,  you can do anything but you can't do everything."

Then he put her on all fours in front of him and slid his huge cock into her beckoning peach where he rode her until they both came, secretly surveying the painted canvas that remained on her ass and knowing he was the right man for her.

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