Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bye Bye Crazy Daisy!


Eric will probably tell me he's quitting his job here, and moving to the Northern branch.  He'll end our marriage and go build an amazing life without the drama of me.  And, if he didn't figure that out on his own, I'll tell him all the reasons I'm not good for him so he can go do the right thing for himself.


Eric absolutely loves me and our relationship.  He cannot promise what the future will bring, but he can guarantee that we will make the big life changing decisions together, 51/49 percent.  The strap will only be used to stop me from overthinking and putting words in his mouth.  He will always show me how much he loves me after he's made his point.  We will continue to work on this together.

The take away:

Playful spankings are the way to go. Role playing, sexy fun and even the occasional reset. Correction spankings? The belt is one thing.  Even the hairbrush can leave a lasting mark.  But that darn strap?!
That strap hurts like hell.  Eric was being kind with his little "taste of Sir Strap" the other day because two swats down today and I was ready to shed my skin.  I managed only seven of the ten, with a long break in between five and seven.  He finished me off with his hand but promised, we'll be adding to the count each time this happens again.

The other, more important take away:

I am not in this alone and have truly found the man who wants my life to be fabulous.  The amount of love we can shower on each other in less than an hour (lunch break), even when it starts off with a consequence, is incredible.  I need to stop worrying about quantity (So he travels every week, I'm in school and have a job every week) and realize that the quality he brings to my life is stellar. I've just got to learn to shut out the fearful side and let the grateful me, blossom.


  1. Hi Amy, I think you really need to listen to Eric and forget the rest. Life would be so much less painful
    love Jan,xx

    1. Hey Jan, Kindly remind me of that next time Eric leaves town. :) Amy

  2. Hi Amy sounds like a good plan for your future with plenty of talks with Sir Strap if those voices reappear. Glad Eric is home again and hopefully you can talk through everything before his next trip away.

    Good luck.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Thank you Lindy. This was a rough week. I start school again soon so hopefully I'll be too busy to drive myself crazy. Amy

  3. Well on the 'bright' side over time and usage leather becomes much softer and delivers less impact. Downside, after a while you build up a tolerance. LOL

    I know, I suck.

  4. I've heard the glass is half full and the glass is half empty... this is kind of, the glass has something in it. LOL

  5. H has a belt like that. I think it's hard and painful and then he goes and really uses it properly and I'm a screeching squirming mess!
    Keep learning, keep talking, keep cuddling

    1. Thank you Janey. I hope H doesn't use it properly anytime soon and I will take your advice. I like that! "Keep learning, keep talking, keep cuddling." Amy


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