Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Answer to Anticipation - and the Bullwhip (photo)

I waited in the kitchen until Eric came for me.

In the bathroom, he seductively unzipped my coat and placed it on the floor of the closet.  He removed my shirt and panties.  There was nothing else to take away.  I turned to move into the bedroom but he stopped me, kissing my lips passionately and then going down on his knees.

One by one, Eric slowly zipped tall black high heeled boots up my calves.  He attached a red and black satin collar around my neck, traced metal clasps down my spine, and hooked a loop around my middle. Hands cuffed behind my back, locked into the hooks, we moved into the bedroom.

Face down, over the bed, eyes closed.

"Take a deep breath," he said and the smell of leather filled my nostrils.  "I'll give you a proper warm up while you drink in the scent of our new toy."

His hand across my bottom, thirty or forty times, rubbing my cheeks between sets of ten.  The swats began lightly, then built until the rosy heat satisfied his eyes and his palm.

"Are you afraid of this?" he asked, gently stroking my body with the still wound bullwhip.  I nodded, unable to speak while under his spell.

"One day you will answer yes sir, my dear," he stated and the circular hoop of the bound whip softly tapped at my left cheek.  Three spanks on each side.  Each spank growing in intensity.  The lower part of the loop scalding the soft fleshy skin where my bottom meets my thigh.

"This is not to whip you, darling," his voice brought comfort and strength to the room and my nerves.  "I want you to learn to trust me.  I bought this to bind your hands, tie you to our bed and teach your brain to shut off while I take care of you."

"So I'm not getting a bull for Christmas after all?" my voice found itself as I pouted in reference to his earlier joke.

With that, Eric undid my hands and flipped me over, onto my back.

"Hold this," he stated, handing the bullwhip to me and arching my knees in welcoming triangles outlining my secret spot.

Eric placed a clothes pin on each lip of my peach and I winced in pain.  My mind, which tends to race in a million directions, focused on the pinch below and suddenly, my clit came alive with Eric's tongue dancing in and around the cascading sensations.  Pleasure and pain; an overwhelming combination.  He licked and sucked until my lips were full and ripe, the peach juicy and ready for him.

"Hands over head," he said and I did so, still floating from the pleasure between my legs.

Slap. Whoosh.  Slap.  Whoosh.

I jumped as the flogger bit at my nipples and then shimmied down my chest,
the sting causing beads of sweat to build between my breasts.

When I tried to sit up, Eric just shook his head, the flogger raised and ready.

I bit down on my lip and he let loose, three strikes to my chest and then one on my clit.

"Ouch!" I gasped,  my shoulder meeting his hand as I tried to rise. He pushed me back in place.

Slap. Whoosh. Slap.

My breathing became ragged.  My heart raced in my chest.  I reached out and caught the belt around his waist, pulling it open and begging him with my eyes to finish me off.  His huge cock easily leaped from his jeans and I wet my thumb, applying just enough pressure on the tip to make him hard.

Once again, Eric flipped me like a pancake and I was face down on the bed again.

"Spread your cheeks," he said and my hands reached back, opening the backdoor for him to slide in.  In no time, he was deep inside, pounding his hips into my cheeks and filling my ass with his strength. When he was ready,  Eric pulled out and I felt his smooth hot cum spreading across my back.  I sensed it pool along my spine.

Before going for a towel, Eric lay beside my body and gently kissed across my shoulder blades, sweetly stroking my hair and whispering "I love you" into my ear.  (That's when the phone rang and he had to leave; no fault of his own.)

Lightheaded and dazed, Eric placed me in the tub and headed out to work.  Not the plan, but sometimes the way life goes.

I floated in the bubbles, running the previous hour and sensations through my head.
What an amazing morning.
What an amazing man.



  1. so amazing pity it was cut short by Eric having to go to work.
    Hugs Lindy

  2. True; but we've been riding the wave of anticipation to pick back up where we left off. ;) Amy


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