Thursday, December 31, 2015

I came home early... Written by Eric

Eric wrapped up his business trip earlier than planned so he ended up catching an earlier flight.  He arrived home to find the lights on and music playing but nobody was downstairs.  Dropping his bag by the door he headed upstairs to change and as he entered their room he could hear heavy moaning from the closet. As he slid open the door there was Amy lying on the floor with large vibrators filling both holes. 

She was startled but before she could say anything, he pulled out both toys and pulled her to her feet.  Young lady he said, I thought we had agreed that you would not masturbate when I wasn't home.  Sheepishly she answered that she had been fantasizing all day and wanted to cum.  A deal is a deal he responded.  Now get out of this closet immediately he barked.

He pulled off the white T shirt she was wearing revealing a beautiful body.  Just before his business trip she had gone to be waxed so everything still looked neatly groomed.

He pulled her hair together and then used it to lead her over to the bed.  He had gone to the toy box and returned with restraints where he placed her on her stomach and securely tied all of her limbs.  You need to learn that there are always consequences when you go against what we agreed upon he whispered in her ear.

He started out spanking her at a gentle pace and firmness just getting her warmed up for the main event. She craved regular spankings so this actually felt good to her.  He stopped briefly and through the hair which had fallen across her face she could see him picking up the hairbrush. Here it comes she thought!

As promised, he delivered a series of stinging blows until her ass was crimson red and her flesh felt on fire. As their relationship seasoned, he had learned how to take her further down the road of enduring some harsh punishment.  She had never been this far before but as much as it hurt right now she knew it would be perfect in a little while.

So you want to cum do you he asked sarcastically?  I'll take care of that for you he said as he applied some lube and forced his firm cock into her tight ass bareback.  She winced at the size she was forced to take with only the warm up from the closet time.  Next he pulled out a large dildo that she had never seen before and slid it into her moist pussy.  Her pussy lips were swollen with anticipation and wrapped easily around the thick toy.

For the next 20 minutes he forcefully fucked her holes.  The familiar beads of sweat building on her lower back told him she was approaching a climax.  He increased the roughness and felt her body shutter as she was forced to orgasm.

He untied her, cleaned up in the sink and then stuck his cock into her mouth so she could finish him off.  He came with bursts of warm, sticky liquid cascading into her mouth.  As is their custom, he looked her in the eye and said "show me".  She opened her mouth revealing a mouthful of white liquid.  "Okay" he said allowing her to swallow his load.

See what bad girls get when they don't follow the rules he said.  She said if that is your idea of a punishment then I'm going to start breaking all of the rules!

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