Monday, December 14, 2015

"Bring the hairbrush to lunch"

Yesterday I poked the bear.  It was a good day.  I should be high as a kite.  This morning, teetering on the edge.

The deal is, I absolutely love Eric.  The work situation has us apart way too much.  I try not to whine or complain. I try not to let it take away from the time we do have together.  Unfortunately, it comes across as combative and let's face it, childish.  Understand, it's really a cry - "Show me you love me!  Show me you care!" -because apparently all of the "I love yous" in the world aren't enough.  Sigh.  I'm a mess.


I'm too tired to type this properly.  The long story short is Eric left for work before I was even out of bed. He called to see if he could meet me for lunch but instead of being happy and giddy about the whole thing, I got mouthy and rather bratty.  He shut me up with one statement.

"Oh, and honey, be sure you put the hairbrush in your purse before work.  We'll be having a conversation on the way to the restaurant."

I froze and truth be told, melted right there in our bedroom.  Why that was such a turn on, I will never know.

Three hours later, we were pulled over on the side of the road and I was getting my bare bottom smacked with that flat wooden hairbrush.  Lunch had a rather uncomfortable sting to it - yet somehow, my mood had switched to Mrs. Happy-As-Hell.

Can't explain it but sure loved it.

On a side note, the other instruction was "no panties" but I ignored that part.  Eric took it well but said we would be revisiting the hairbrush on our way to lunch again tomorrow, and every day after until I figure out how to follow directions.  (No, Pearl.  Not submissive. LOL)

Until then.

Good night Blog land!


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  1. This seriously made me laugh!!

    Very happy that Eric and the hairbrush were able to reset your mood =)
    XOXO Pearl


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