Friday, December 4, 2015


Eric will be home in three hours.

He was delayed three days.

I've been giddy and awake since three o'clock.

Is it Christmas morning?

Has the bull arrived?

I fell asleep to a lecture.

"Young lady, that final better be written and the toy box better be neat and organized, with my new bullwhip right on top.  I want your black boots at the foot of the bed.  The plug must be in place one hour before I walk through the door and no hiding anything.  I can't wait to kiss you but then, once we've had our hello, you will sit at the kitchen table and wait until I call you to our room.  It's a big day for you, Amy.  You will regret telling me to 'man up' my dear."

Did I mention I'd said that?

Uh... a couple of times.  It kind of slipped out when I got the call that his trip had been extended three days and somehow a voice that completely resembled mine stated something like, "Why don't you man up and tell your boss you have a wife that needs you home every once in a blue moon?"  In an attempt to recover, I've been suggesting he "man up" in every conversation we've had since then - in a joking way, so he knows I wasn't serious.  The comment wasn't at all about being a man but about priorities. Although I realize I am at the top of his list, when work steals him away, it feels like I'm merely an afterthought.  I have a feeling, he's going to make sure I feel differently very soon.


That amazing sensation that takes over mind, body and spirit.

We both have it.  We both crave it.  We both push it's limits.

Today, Eric will push mine. I have no doubt.



  1. I have butterflies FOR you! I know you said way back into the beginning that you're no submissive......maybe you have re-thought that =)
    Have fun tonight!!

  2. Hi Pearl, I got 53 bliss filled minutes and then Eric's job called and suddenly, he is gone again until Monday. Feeling pretty blue. Not good at lonely. :( Amy

    1. =(
      Not easy at all! I very much struggle when there has been a build up and then *poof!* change of plans. I agree with Misty, one day at a time. And home tomorrow!
      XOXO Pearl

  3. Amy, I'm so sorry to hear he had to leave so suddenly. I'm sure he wanted to stay as much as you wanted him to stay.

    It is so hard when they're not around. Just take it a day at a time and he will be back before you know it. Hug!

  4. Hi Misty,

    Thank you so much for the reminder. You are right. Eric doesn't like being gone all the time and when I'm sad, or his job interferes with our plans, I need to remember it's not him choosing to be away from me. Ugh. I hope I didn't come across as a whiny brat. It really was a blissful 53 minutes.
    Hug back!


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