Monday, October 26, 2015

Spanked with a belt

Eric came home and expected to find me with my nose in a book working on my school work.

I was in the front yard talking to a neighbor.

The computer was on with Blondie's blog up on the screen.

I was marched upstairs.

Over the bed, pants down around my ankles, his belt off and flying through the air.

Eric has perfected a sharp stinging slap with just the last five inches of a black basket weave belt.

He doesn't fold it over,

doesn't hit hard,

but leaves my ass red and tender for hours.

*This was two weeks ago.... I actually thought I was getting the computer back that day.  NOT!

Finally.... October 26th the computer grounding has been lifted!!

I missed blog land!

How is everyone?  What is new?  Talk to me ladies!!!!


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  1. Welcome back and don't go losing it again, please!


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