Friday, July 24, 2015

Round two: my second spanking

I've been granted "one blog post" before it's back to the books for 8 more class days, three quizzes, a midterm and a final.  Gosh summer school is overwhelming.  (THANK YOU for all of the comments!!!  I can't wait to be able to respond for real.  Look for me the second week of August!)

Eric works out of town a lot so I don't get to see him nearly as much as I'd like; which makes it hard to find time to practice TTWD.  Today he asked if I could be home at 11 a.m. to let the irrigation guy in the garage to fix our panel.  I took an early lunch, thinking nothing of his request, though in hindsight I realize we don't have an irrigation guy.  Anyway, when I got to the house, I found Eric standing in the living room.

"I need to see your quiz, Amy," he stated before I even had a chance to share my surprise at his being home.

If there is one thing Eric knows about me, I run from my problems so its best to catch me off guard.  He caught me today.  Didn't see it coming; even though I knew it was inevitable.

The quiz was bad.  I need a C to pass the class so we agreed, nothing below a 70% on anything. I had told Eric it wasn't pretty, but I don't think he was expecting my first "F". The professor drops the lowest score so this should go away but failing is a terrible feeling even when it isn't going to count.

"Upstairs, young lady!"  he said in a tone that left no room for discussion.

The hairbrush was laid out on the vanity and I knew he'd read my accountability fantasy.  (Darn it!)  I started to panic and sat on the bed while he stood over me, talking about taking commitment seriously, sticking with the plan and staying on top of things.  Then he told me to bend over the bed.  I was so nervous, I couldn't do it.  I froze.  I squirmed and I bartered.  I negotiated, flirted, pleaded and refused to move.  He remained very calm and waited out my little display for about 33 seconds.

"Amy Lynn."  He used my middle name.  Ugh.  "You are getting spanked 12 times, one for each point you lost on the quiz.  If you'd like more, please continue to try and talk your way out of this.  I'll just keep adding to the count."

My hands were shaking.

He said, "13" and I bent over the bed and closed my eyes tight while he pulled my dress up around my waist. Then he sat beside me and interlocked his fingers in mine.  He leaned in and whispered in my ear.  "I love you sweetheart.  I'm going to count and when I reach 13, this will be over."

For thirteen counts, I held onto one of Eric's hands while he spanked me with the other.  The hairbrush stung way more than I expected and he alternated cheeks, but the angle was such that the left side got a sharp surface level slap while the right side took a much harder wallop.  We are new to this, so I think we both were shocked that it was the lighter strike that hurt the most, but the harder one that lasted the longest.

Either way, what I remember most was squeezing his hand with every smack and feeling this incredible strength and love between us.  It was as though he was reaching inside me and evaporating all the shame and embarrassment of that stupidly bad grade, while supporting me by holding my hand.

When Eric finished, he took me in the bathroom and made me look at how red my bottom was in the mirror.  I nodded at the reflection and he pressed me up against the cool counter top.

"Does that feel good?" he asked, propping me up by the sink.  I don't know what it is about us and counter tops but next thing I knew, we were fully making love right then and there.  It was amazing - the passion! Wow!  Not exactly the "corner time" we'd always talked about but incredible to say the least.  By the time I got back to work, my ass was burning, my head was spinning and I was glowing like a beach bonfire.

Eric had a quick flight tonight and expected to be home tomorrow, but I got a message saying everything was overbooked so he won't be back until Monday.  He spelled out my weekend study regiment and left very little leeway as far as playtime, downtime, or anything other than studying time.  Eight days and five tests - he makes a good point.

I sure was glad he let me have one post.  I like blogging.  It's very therapeutic, especially when he's gone and we can't snuggle or talk at the end of the day.  At the moment, I feel very relaxed and although nothing has changed in the work/school world, it somehow seems manageable once again.  My right cheek smarts when I sit for a long period of time but I kind of like the feeling...  it's like Eric is here, reminding me why I set out to complete this class to begin with.  It feels good not to be going through it alone.  I never would have guessed the result of this afternoon would be such a peacefully calm feeling. Maybe sex after a spanking isn't supposed to be part of the process but I wouldn't change a thing about today.

Look forward to being back on this blog site!  Leave your comments so I have something fun to return to. Until then, have a great couple of weeks and be good!!

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  1. Aftercare means many things. And sex after a spanking could be considered after care. It is supposed to make you feel loved and cared for, and if it did, then I think it is all good to have sex. Learning how implements work is always a little touchy (hahahaha). The best part about a spanking is that everything is forgiven. No longer is your mistake an issue that is rehashed. Clean slate. You both did good.


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