Sunday, July 26, 2015

Motivational Phone Message

"Hi Amy, It's Eric.  It's Friday night at 6:20 and I missed my flight so I won't be home this weekend.  But I know you have a busy week coming up and you have lots of math to do.  So, I'm going to tell you I won't be able to stand over you to make sure you do the work but so help me, you had better be knuckled down this weekend. You better be sitting at that kitchen table getting all of your homework done because I don't want any excuses when I come home.  If I come home on Monday and I find out you've failed another test or that you've fooled around on the weekend and didn't get your work done, then you know what is going to happen?  It's going to be corner time and spanking time.  And this time its not going to be a mild spanking. It's going to be so harsh, you're not going to be able to sit down for an hour.  That's going to finally drive home the point to you that you need to get serious about this class. Its an integral part of your degree. We both got on this course.  I committed to you to hold you accountable and now you have to do your part because I can't be there this weekend, due to no fault of my own, you've got to have your own self discipline to be able to find that direction and when you feel yourself veering off course, pull yourself up short and sit down and refocus on getting that math done.  Okay?  I love you very much. I need you to focus this weekend.  No excuses.  Get your math done so we can have a successful week.  Alright?  I'll call you later."

It worked!  I studied all weekend.  Turned down three invites to go out and have fun.  Only left the house once - to grocery shop and handle a work emergency.  I am very confident I can get at least a C on this quiz.  Miss you!  Hurry home.  XO Amy


  1. YAY!!!!! Good job. Hope Eric gets home soon and you are all able to have some fun together.

  2. Just found your blog. Catching up on your story and looking forward to reading more!


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