Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eric's Thoughts

With Amy down to just two weeks left in school, I've pulled the laptop away from her.  It seems like the temptation to blog is just too strong and she needs to focus on getting through this class.  I recognize the benefit of her being able to share her emotions and experiences through blogging but school needs to be the priority right now.

As Amy has shared. we are new to learning about TTWD.  We've researched it on line and have spent hours talking through the "what if's" and "how to's".  The concept appeals to both of us and we think it will give her the outlet she craves and allow me to feel like i'm an active participant in reducing her stress load.

Amy is a very strong, independent woman (pretty too!!!) who tends to go hard after everything she does.  Whatever she touches is given 100% and that is where problems can arise.  She'll pile everything on her plate until it is just overwhelming her and then she starts to crash.

In addition to raising the kids and working full time, she went back to school last year for an advanced degree.  A couple of nights of class seemed doable but she is taking a tough class right now that meets four nights a week for six weeks.  Do you see what is coming?

Last week was week four and the meltdown started.  The normally motivated girl started looking for reasons to skip class.  "It's too hard", "I'm not getting the concepts", "None of this makes sense", and "I don't want to go anymore" were just a few of the comments she made looking for me to agree with her.  Those comments merely confirmed to me that she had reached her limit and it was time for a TTWD session.

I had set up a ruse to get her home early one afternoon.  Had I been specific about what I was going to do she never would have arrived.  Amy knows what she needs to get her on the right path but she would never tell me directly. It's up to me to follow her mood and I've known her long enough to notice even the slightest changes.

After surprising her at home I quickly led her upstairs to our bedroom.  When I tried to bend her over our bed she froze.  The girl who knew deep down that a spanking would get her back to normal was suddenly scared to death of actually going through with it.  She pleaded, negotiated, and finally begged to not have to be spanked.  I knew if I gave in it wouldn't do either of us any good.  After a bit of talking I convinced her that we needed to do it.  She slowly turned and  bent over the bed as I pulled her dress up around her waist.  A black thong serving to highlight her perfect bottom.

One thing that you should know about Amy and I is that we are people who love to touch.  Whether it is standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in the car, or just out and about, we are always touching each other.  It may just be brushing shoulders or a light caress on the forearm or palm but it seems we are always connected.

Back to the bedroom......we intertwine the fingers on our left hands and she squeezes tight in anticipation of what is to come.  Our touch reassuring her that I'm there for her.

Earlier in the week Amy stopped by the store and picked up a hairbrush.  Not one to comb her hair but one she thought would be a good one to be spanked with.  It was a rectangle shape and made out of wood.  It felt sturdy in my hand and I knew it would deliver the firm swat she would need.  She had read on some of the blogs that some women dreaded the hairbrush but the idea intrigued her.

With ours left hands squeezing tightly I brought the hairbrush down firmly on her right cheek and heard a firm smack.  Although I thought I was being fairly powerful, she didn't budge a muscle.  She has a very high tolerance for pain so I came down even harder on the left cheek and still no movement.  I had told her that she was getting 13 wacks so I increased the intensity as I counted them out.  At spank number nine I paused for a moment to let her regroup a bit.  Her fingers squeezing hard told me that she was enduring it but it was hitting home.  After just a minute of two of softly messaging her bottom I finished up with the remaining spanks..

I bent down next to her face and softly told her that I loved her.  I held her arm and led her over to the bathroom sink and showed her the redness on her bottom in the large mirror.  She blushed with embarrassment but I lifted her up onto the sink so the coolness of the counter top might sooth her stinging butt. We held each other and looked at our reflection in the mirror.  You sure are a pretty girl I said as I hugged her tightly!

Being new to this I'm not sure what we did next is what is in the playbook but it felt right to us.  Instead of corner time to reflect on what we had just experienced, we felt the overwhelming need to make love which we did.

It's important to me that the spankings be done out of love and nothing else.  Amy trusts me to do what is right and that is a trust I don't ever want to violate.  Spanking her has brought me even closer to her.  There is something open and vulnerable about the act and it connects two people on a deeper level than I had even anticipated.  We are both open about what we are willing to experience with TTWD and because we have such a deep, loving connection I know that it will be mutually beneficial.

Just two weeks left in school and I know she'll be back to read all about your experiences and share ours with you.



  1. There is no wrong way. You have to do what feels right for the both of you. Personally, I think that you two did a great job. Holding her hand, massaging her bottom when she needed a break, letting her know you love her - A+
    It's the HoH that doesn't take the extra time to love and talk and know her boundaries that really stink. You done good! And however you want to finish up after the spanking is up to you, and only you (sorry Amy). Keep up the good work. Hang in there Amy, I just finished my 6 week college class and I needed a little incentive and stress spankings. Two more weeks!

  2. Hi Eric, Great job on the blog! I know your wife usually handles the story-telling but you’ve written a very entertaining and accurate description of your own experience while doing justice to her; pretty much. It’s clear that you love her to pieces and I’m sure she loves you to the moon and back but sometimes it’s hard for a girl to have a head full of responsibilities, goals and emotions bottled up inside when circumstances require her to display a sense of patience that she truly does not possess. This is especially true when she’s used to multi-tasking under her own guise and suddenly has to knuckle down and focus on one thing for an extended period of time (the fear being a letting down of everyone and everything around her). Such pressure can build like an emotional volcano, but if there is no way to release those feelings, she may in turn, poke the bear or question your intentions. She might become bitchy, or bratty or even a bit combative (like throwing your car keys out the window). You can subscribe to her insecurities and feel a loss of control or you can take her in hand. Know that with the intense love you share between you, the latter option will undoubtedly bring her peace of mind. She’ll experience a physical release from the spanking and it might benefit you by giving you a way to help her over the rough patches. She’ll get the emotional reassurance that she is desperate for, your strength during her weakness will reaffirm your love and that the world is still safe and secure even if it’s the second weekend in a row that you are stuck out of town and can’t spend time with her. Finally, it will give her something to think about the next time she becomes a moving target and does something crazy like borrowing a friends computer and opening a second gmail account just so she can read what you wrote. I bet deep down she just really misses you and wishes she could change the situation so the next 48 hours were spent in your arms rather than with her nose in a book. Just a thought. Again, nice job on the blog. XOXO ;)


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