Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Amy, Amy, Amy...

It looks to me like someone should have been spending her time studying rather than blogging.

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful responses.  I'm sure Amy will have plenty to say once that quiz comes back but until then, she'll be out of "blog land" for a bit.



  1. True there are priorities . I will say however for myself, if I have something rumbling around in my head, the quickest way to get it out is to write it down. That clears my head for other things, like studying.

  2. Maybe there should be some kind of DD rule about no spanking over things your write in your blog post. Just saying..... It's kind of like not getting in trouble when you are suffering through your time of the month. (tried unsuccessfully that excuse) Hope Amy is back soon. I love the way she writes.

  3. Wilma and Blondie - You girls have my back!! Thanks for your input. I know Eric is taking this computer away when he gets home tomorrow so I decided to give you a quick shout out before it's out of my hands. I know he's doing what's best for me; for us. Blogging is a blast but I get caught up in it and hours go by - then I'm mad at myself and just a lovely person to be around. LOL. Maybe he'll blog while I'm gone. :) Amy


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