Friday, November 17, 2017

LOL Party Game

It's Love our Lurkers Day Two!

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Welcome to the party.

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How about a party game?

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This is a 

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between Eric 51% and Amy 49%.

Whether you are a Lurker 

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or long time Blog friend, 

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let's play!

Leave a question, "truth"
 or a "dare" in the comment section
and we will either answer or turn the dare into an upcoming post.

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Have fun!

Amy and Eric

Love Our Lurkers - Party time!

Happy Love our Lurkers 12!

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Welcome to the party! We know you are out there
and the next two days are dedicated to thanking
you for being a part of our lives.

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Say hello!  Add us to your blogroll! Make a
comment! Or, just keep on lurking!  

You do you, because you do it best.

And no matter what, we are glad you are here!

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Eric and Amy

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Comfortable Spanking

I knew it was coming; the spanking.  Eric had given me plenty of notice so I had it festering in the back of my mind throughout the day.  It wasn't a bad thing.  I usually relish in the anticipation but I've been truly out-of-sorts during this long weekend as I've got a giant project to finish for work and it's eaten up most of my time since early last week.

Anyway, Friday I stayed at the office two hours longer than I said I would and I didn't bother to check in and let Eric know I was running late.  He could see how exhausted I was coming through the door so he let it slide with a stern warning, "Amy Lynn, don't let it happen again."

Well, Saturday Eric decided to do yard work while I trooped off to the office again.  We agreed to finish by 5, "no matter what", so we could at least have an evening together.  I called this time, a half hour after I was supposed to be home, and let Eric know I wouldn't be back until 8 or 9 pm.

"Thanks for the call," he said, "We'll hold off on your spanking until tomorrow."


This morning, I went to work early and again, stayed at the office much longer than I predicted.  I got home after the sun went down, tired and annoyed.  The house was freezing and dark. Eric was nowhere in sight.

I went upstairs and saw a thin line of light coming from underneath our bedroom door. I took a deep breath and turned the handle.  Inside, there was the warm orange glow of flickering flames from electric candles strewn around the entire place.  Water was running in a tub full of Mr. Bubble and Eric greeted me with a warm cup of tea and a shoulder massage.  Once the bath was ready, he gently slid me out of my clothes and slowly washed my back, arms, and girl parts as I sank into the suds.  The work eased out of my body and I relaxed under his care.

As the water cooled, Eric gathered the fluffiest towel we own and ran it through the dryer so it was toasty warm. Then he wrapped me in the soft material and hugged me tight in his arms. He dried every bit of my skin and then walked me into our room.  There, in the center, was the spanking chair.

"You're still going to spank me?!" I asked, confused by all of the spoiling when he still intended to punish me.

"Yes, Sweetheart," he said pulling me across his lap and starting with an easy hand spanking. "I know you had a long day and you hate getting spanked when you're cold so I decided to help you relax in a hot bath first."

As my bottom heated up under his palm, I smiled and sunk into his body.

"No need to be uncomfortable just because you're getting a spanking," he stated and then I got ten hard whacks with the hair brush.

Seated on the floor, looking up at Eric's handsome face, I listened as my husband reminded me that work is work but taking care of myself and our relationship is my most important job.

My ass stings but ultimately Eric did accomplish exactly what he set out to do. I learned my lesson and got the reminder I needed while receiving a comfortable spanking!


PS - Next weekend!  Don't forget!!